Letters about Forever

dear judy
your book forever really made me realise that sex isnt a duty you perform for your boyfriend, it
is a choice. thank you so much for being a wonderful woman, the only woman who understands
kids. Even though you get praised all the time, there's still no way you could understand just how
much you are love by us all.
Glasgow, Scotland
Dear Ms. Blume,
I am a teacher of reading and writing for grades 6, 7, and 8 in a tiny K - 8 school at the
southern seashore of New Jersey.

In an effort to promote a life - long love of reading, I stock every imaginable book in my
YA Library in order to attract a reluctant teen to its cover.

One book that is devoured most often is yours: "Forever". The young ladies who read it
pass it along to their buds with an effusive, "Ya gotta read this!" Knowing teens as you
do, you realize this lionization is the ultimate "word up" among the non - believers. A true teen tribute.

My girls have asked me with their best whinie voices to ask you if you plan a sequel to
their chosen manifesto as they put it.

I agreed in all my easy - to - oblige teacher - like affect to ask.

They await with angst for your answer.

Keep well and thank you for your inspirational, true to the bone writing for our teens.
xxxxxx and her posse of teen readers
Hi Judy,
I just wanted to thank you for writing 'Forever'. I am an English teacher in New
Zealand, and have given the novel to countless girls to read. They are always
hooked and moved by it.

It has certainly been the first book many girls ever have read. They think I am
a genius when I hand to to them! One kid couldn't believe that she was reading
in bed for the first time in her life. I have had girls who have never read a
book before sneakily reading it in class - I tell them I hate to stop them but
we do need to do the lesson. (My 13 and 14 year old students all start the
lesson with silent reading).
I once gave it to a very troubled girl of thirteen who had been molested by her
brother in the past. (The authorities knew). She hated reading - had never
finished a book before 'Forever' - and was an understandably troubled kid. My
rationale in giving her the novel was that not only would she enjoy the act of
reading it, but that she would see that there could be joy in a sexual
relationship but also that even that situation could turn sour. (I was
concerned that she might end up in sexual relationships young because of her

I went out and got 2 brand new copies of the book - one for her to read, and one
for her friend in the same class. She was hooked very quickly. What got me was that when she
finished she turned to the front and started to read it again - right away. This from a non-reader.
I like that they recommend it to one another and then have deep and meaningful
conversations about the issues in the book. I also like that they think they
are being daring reading it - even when it is the most popular book in the
school library they still feel part of an underground movement reading it. I
suspect because it is about serious issues that are relevant to them, but that
they talk about in hushed tones. It isn't like wandering around with the latest
copy of 'Twilight'

I know you get a lot of feedback about this book and the others, too. Out at the
chalkface it is truly a wonderful book to have to give to girls to read. It
makes them feel grown up, it hooks them into reading, and it delivers a couple
of important messages. They adore it. Thank you.
So long,
I really injoyed forever it really made me think that there is a different way and that you have a
choice if you want to have sex or not
michelle - Age 13
Dear Mrs. Blume,
Hello! My name is Kym, and I'm 14 years old. I spent all day today
reading Forever. I'll admit, it was one of the few books I've read of yours.
I mean, I've read a good share, but not all of them. So, anyway..this book
was exactly what I've needed to be exposed to. It answered all the
curiosities I've ever had. Being a young teen, so much goes through my head
all at once. Esp. about love. But what I wanted to say to you was..the
ending, I dont understand. I've been thinking about it all day and that's why
I'm writing. Does it really work out that way? I mean in two pages of
someones life, a relationship can end so suddenly? When I was through I felt
hanging.. So much was left unanswered. Does it just end like that? They
exchange "See you"s and never speak again? I thought they were in love.
Couldn't they have worked it out, or atleast made an effort? If a
relationship is that strong...isn't it more realistic that they would atleast
sit down and talk about everything. It doesnt just happen in one simple
fight, then their out of each others lives like that, does it? I'm sort of
dissapointed, Mrs. Blume. The book had me in a trance, all day long. I want
so bad to have a relationship like they did, when I get older. But like I
said before, in two pages! two pages.. its over. Can you please write me back
with some answers. Also, was the mothers birthday plant supposed to mirror
Katherines life? At the end the mom states that the plant is getting
"fatter", its growing. But "still needs water" like Katherine. She's growing
but still needs more to learn, more to experience to really understand
herself, and understand life. To be an adult.
Please write me back,
Kym H.
Hey Judy!
I just wanted to say that I love your writing style. It is very easy to read, yet also makes you
think. All of your books are very enjoyable to read for pleasure, especially "Forever". I have
never really planned on having sex before marriage, and this story made me not want to even
more(which is a good thing). It explained so many things to me such as: how I should feel and
express myself around a guy and my family. It helped a lot, and displays a good point in a
tradtional way. Thanks!
Ashley - Age 14
Suwanee, Georgia

Private Message: Even though the language is harsh, it helps to get the point across to the
reader... and I am totally against all censorship of your works. Thank you for looking out for our
teenagers today...the book helped me and a bunch of my friends!
One story about growing up with your books....

When I was in the seventh grade, I bought the book, "Forever" about teenage first love and their
1st sexual experience. I read it over and over. I let a friend borrow the book and her mom found
it. Wow! Was friend's mom NOT happy and let my mom hear about it! Her mom admitted that
she didn't read it all the way through, but had managed to find the 2-3 "juicy" pages out of 200,
and didn't approve. My mom decided to sit down an entire day and read it page for page. What
was my mom going to think, I wondered? My mom called hers back and apologized if it had
caused a problem in their home, but I remember Mom telling her, "I will be giving the book back
to my daughter to read. I thought it was well-written, honest and sincere."

My friend came from a wonderful, Church-going family, involved in the community, well-liked
and her Dad taught at our local High School. However, they believed, if we don't talk about sex,
it won't happen. My friend graduated High school 5 months pregnant.

My mom encouraged me to read, then we could sit down and discuss it. I plan on raising my 3
daughters the same way. Thank you for writing books that teach us lessons about life that we all
will face.

I am thrilled to have purchased 3 Judy Blume books for my 4th grade daughter as Christmas
gifts. I will buy the girls every book you've written, including "Forever".
Thanks from one of your millions of fans! Dawn
Dawn - Age 33
Hello, good day. I would like to tell you that I understand what you were trying to say in Forever.
Although some people didn't appriciate it, I did. It was real. It was not some porno about sex, and
whatever these critcs think, it was a portrait of a 17 year old girls life, and her thoughts and
feelings about love and sex. I have also read Summer Sisters, which I adored even more than all
the other ones. My librarian warned me that this was of hard reading and was not for children,
but I read it anyway, and I thank God I did. It was 100 times beautiful, I know that I am young,
and I should be reading Sally Freedman and Margaret, but I finished them years ago, I have read
everything you have writtin, even Wifey which was certainly not at my age level, but I loved it,
and I have read everything else with open arms and a loving heart. Please continue to work
miracles, Thank you for spending your time to read this entry from a humble peasant to a queen.
If you would have the kindness in your heart to respond, my world would be complete.
Frida - Age 12
Maryland, USA
Private Message: I love you, thank you a thousand times.