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Hometown: Woodbridge NJ - Posted August 2, 2020 2:13 pm


Loved reading Dear Margaret when I was a young teen!! I would love to get two signed copies of the book for my teen daughter and her best friend, if at all possible. They are avid readers and I have always felt this book is a FABULOUS conversation starter!!! Huge fan, God Bless you.

Cammy Berger

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX - Posted August 1, 2020 7:40 pm


I belong to a women's group and today the topic of discussion was the 50th anniversary of "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret" and how much we all learned from you. We decided you should write a similar book about menopause, because we all wish we had had better warning about what was coming our way. So what do you think Ms. Blume? Do you have another adult novel in you? I have no doubt there is another whole generation coming right behind us that would read it.

A group of your biggest fans

Hometown: Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK - Posted August 1, 2020 5:17 pm

Renae Lucas-Hall

Hi Judy, I've just completed your Masterclass online. I feel so much more confident about writing my third book after watching your videos.

I have a messy mind as well and I've always thought it was just me who had to edit over and over to overcome this but now I feel like I'm not alone, thanks to you. I took a lot of notes while I watched your videos. You've given me some wonderful tips that no other author has ever provided or mentioned.

It will be easy for me to give you a great review in an upcoming blog post on my Cherry Blossom Stories website when I share my thoughts on all the Masterclass writers.

I noticed your bookstore in Key West is having a "Romance Day" on 15 August. I know this is a cheeky request but I'd be delighted if you could stock my novel "Tokyo Hearts: A Japanese Love Story" or my second book "Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories" on your shelves. My publisher is Grosvenor House Publishing.

I hope your time working in your store gives you as much satisfaction and pleasure as your writing career has given you, as well as us, your readers.

Best wishes -- Renae

Hometown: Ringgold, GA - Posted July 27, 2020 8:02 pm


HI Judy Blume, My name is Liam and I am Breyana’s Brother.
I have read 3 of your books - they are Double Fudge, Super Fudge, and Fudge-a-Mania! They are Awesome 😎! I am reading Otherwise known as Sheila the Great and It is Funny! 😂! Am so Happy to Meet you! Love, Liam

Hometown: Egypt - Posted July 27, 2020 7:28 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
I'm a 16years old girl who loves reading your books a lot;especially Tiger eyes coz it explain my situation.By reading your books,I've learned a lot and I'm hoping to become a mindful authur like you in future.

P.S- I really really love you and take care.😍😍😘

Hometown: Ringgold, GA - Posted July 21, 2020 1:38 pm


Dear Judy Blume, My name is Breyana and I LOVE your Books. I’m reading one right now! I’m reading Double Fudge and so far I love it. I can’t wait to read your other books
Sincerely, Breyana
PS - I really hope I can be an author like you someday!

Hometown: Manhattan, New York - Posted July 16, 2020 10:51 pm


Hi Judy! Okay I LOVE your books. I grew up with Fudge! I loved reading Charlie Brown and Fudge when I was kid but I would definitely pick Fudge over Charlie Brown because this was when I was just learning how to read. Fast-forward, I am now in high school and I have actually most of your books! Forever and Then I Again Maybe I Won't are my favorites. The second one was interesting because I liked how you wrote from a boy's point of view for change. Freckle Juice was another one I really liked growing up too. With Fudge, I've read every single one of them and still my first copy of Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing. I wish you could finish the series though if you haven't already! Superfudge to me is the best because Peter's thoughts are always so funny and relatable. I'm an only child and I don't have any siblings but your books have changed my life and sometimes I wish I had a brother like Fudge regardless of how annoying he is. Who knows maybe the series might become a movie someday? I'll watch it! Bye!

Hometown: Redwood City - Posted July 16, 2020 5:25 pm

Paulette Elliott

Dear Judy
I am an Elementary School Librarian. I just saw your FB post that you are offering an online Master Class on writing!! Our District has just decided they have to go full distance learning starting in August due to the pandemic. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if I could provide your Master Class to our District. I know there is a fee, but is there a way to offer it to our 3-8 graders at a discount? Our libraries have all your books and I would think this would be so great for the students to hear from a famous author on her successful writing process and then work your practices into the teaching curriculum - the possibilities are endless!!
Please consider this option and let me know how we could make it happen!!

Paulette Elliott
Roosevelt School Librarian
2223 Vera St.
Redwood City, CA 94061

Hometown: Wayne - Posted July 14, 2020 9:14 am


Dear Ms. Blume,

I just finished your book Summer Sisters. So many times I was thinking, "boy the authors name seems so familiar". I get to the end and low and behold I find out you were the one who wrote "Are you there God? Its Me, Margaret". And it all made sense. I loved that book when I was a young girl (no one was talking about things you mentioned in that book) and I loved this book too. Isn't it funny in life how we are all searching for that friend again we had in our younger years that just "got us". Something that touched me personally in your book was the part about Nathan. I have a son who has severe autism and is mentally about 2. He has changed our whole family in so many different ways and you truthfully touched on that. So many stories gloss over the impact of a special needs child and how different people react in the family and out in public. Thank you for your stories.

Hometown: Half Moon Bay - Posted July 12, 2020 2:47 pm


Dear Ms. Blume,

First, I would like to say how much I love reading your work! All of your books are on my shelf. My favorite is Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. My name is Sheridan and I am 12 years old. I live on the coastside in California.

I have been working as a summer intern for a Literary Magazine called vyris. We are in the process of getting submissions and would like to invite you to be a part of this project! No fees, no ads, no donations - just a literary magazine reflecting our times during COVID-19. This will be free for all to view online or print when it is completed! It would be really special to have you share your feelings. It could be something as simple as a paragraph about how you feel/what is different in your life, a couple of jokes, or a short story about the coronavirus, no longer than 500 words. There are more prompts on the website. I know you are a very busy author, but if you had the chance to quickly write some thoughts down about the coronavirus, we really would love them! We really need anything we can get.

Please see the guidelines at www.vyris2020.com.

Submissions go to: vyris2020@gmail.com

Please share this with people of all ages! If you want to submit, I would recommend getting it in by next weekend. It would be really awesome if your work was in our magazine!

vyris Literary Magazine

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee - Posted July 11, 2020 1:36 pm


I enjoyed reading your books and I enjoyed listening to the excerpts from your books. I wish that I could have heard the entire book on this website. Keep the good work up. Marci

Hometown: Payson - Posted July 10, 2020 10:11 pm

Meredith Garcia

I love you Judy Blume! Just as much today at the age of 51 as I did at the age of eight or nine when my fourth grade teacher read the book Tales of a fourth grade nothing. I remember my cousin asked if I had ever read the book Are you there God, it's me Margaret. I was in fourth or fifth grade add completely Fascinated and interested. I could not wait to get my hands on that book. She told me and my mom all about the book. My mother loved to read and I inherited that love from her . Glad my mother did not censor what I read or what I thought about anything. She always encouraged us to have an opinion, respect others opinions and stand up for what you believe in. I love all of your books I have read all of your books and I will continue to read your books. Thank God for people
like you. I feel like for a kid to really experience childhood even Adulthood they to read your books. People who are worried about censoring your books are people who have some kind of an ego problem. They are the people that try make everything bad and they are the ones who have children who end up doing ridiculously stupid things because their parents have forbidden to learn about things and then the kid goes wild trying to figure out what the big deal is about whatever their parents are flipping out over.
Thank you for being you and being an advocate against censorship and being an advocate for the world children.
Love, Meredith Garcia

Hometown: Queens, NY - Posted July 9, 2020 10:06 am


Hi. I am so excited that my 8 year old son, Peter, has discovered your books; he's currently reading Fudge, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Freckle Juice. Since he has freckles and his friend wants freckles, it was a joy hearing him laugh while reading Freckle Juice. I still have my very tattered, well loved copy of "Are you there God, its me Margaret." I was wondering if you will ever write a boy right of passage book? Voice changes, hormone over loads, facial hair, etc? Be safe and thank you for your timeless books. (I still have my Forever book, and when my son is older he can read it and not be grounded like I was, lol)

Hometown: Overland Park - Posted July 8, 2020 10:57 pm

Madalyn Manning

Judy! You are such an amazing woman! I look up to you so much and I hope you continue to bless the world with your incredible work. You are such an inspiration to me as I can tell how passionate you are about writing. Thank you for all you do. With love, Ms. Madalyn

Hometown: Birmingham - Posted July 8, 2020 8:45 pm


Dear Ms. Blume, My name is Milaan, and I am writing to let you know that I love reading your Fudge Book Series. I wanted to know if you had any intentions of writing another book. Your friend, Milaan

Hometown: Tidworth - Posted July 8, 2020 1:00 pm


Hello Judy
i love the fudge books so much i wrote my own fudge book because i am upset that there is only 5 fudge books i decided to write mine its called back in time for fudge here is the blurb:The hatcher boys are back well back in time for fudge peter and his parents (fudge as well) look back at fudges best and bad bits

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan - Posted July 8, 2020 12:43 am


I read “Tales of the fourth grade nothing" when I was younger. I really enjoyed it, even if it popular with girls. I read the next book in the series after that “Superfudge”after that I read “The Boxcar Children” which I know that you didn’t write that one. Still, that’s a great book also. In short, you’re one of the greatest artists of the Literary World!😘

Hometown: San Ramon - Posted July 5, 2020 6:29 pm


your books are great! I started reading them when I didn't feel like reading books i've already read and I picked up a random book that just happened to be by you. It was a pretty good book so then I just read all your other books>

Hometown: Westtown NY - Posted July 2, 2020 11:42 pm


Loved your books growing up and happy to read them to my “Peter” (Delilah - age 8) and “Fudge” (Atlas - age 7). They love them as much as you did. I just reread Summer Sisters for the 723 time and want you back like to me and tell me that Caitlin sent Vix tickets for their 40th.
Hope you are well. Happy 4th

Hometown: Peoria - Posted June 30, 2020 5:08 pm


dear ms. judy blume, hi my name is Ashantie i am you number one fan. i do not care who thinks opisite i really admire your work i will write a letter to you,ashantie

Hometown: fair lawn - Posted June 28, 2020 1:33 am


Hi Judy, you are a fabulous writer! I read some of your books in the early 1980s. Now I have an 8 and 10 year old and they are reading your books! Thanks for your wonderful stories.

Hometown: Key Biscayne - Posted June 27, 2020 12:37 am


Hi Judy,
I'm a "grown" (23-year-old, mostly wide-eyed) woman, who doesn't really believe in fan mail, or celebrity in general. But I do believe in thank you notes. I've been reading your work since I was eight years old. I was an extremely lonely, bullied girl, who had distant parents, and in your work, I found that girls my age could have complexity and nuanced struggles, all without apology or explanation. Frankly, you're a little sneaky in your omnipresence in American feminine adolescence--I was inspired to write this after re-watching the OC pilot. Wild.

I'm sure every millenial woman writes to you saying how much you influenced her sense of self, but it's the detail of your writing that has always stuck with me. I'm half-white, half-Latina-- Margaret's reflections on her parents differing religions, especially how "Christian families went to the Y, but Jewish families went to the JCC", were always so striking and funny, without ever being tokenizing. Even though my multicultural background wasn't the same as Margaret's, your generosity in exploring the nuance in her background struck across demographic. Again-- thank you.

Wishing you the best always,

Hometown: katy - Posted June 26, 2020 3:40 pm


I love your books so much and also can you please write more Fudge books! they are really good!

Hometown: Porter Ranch - Posted June 24, 2020 7:25 pm


Hi Judy, Can you please write another Fudge book after Double Fudge? I really want more Fudge books!!!

Hometown: Tidworth - Posted June 19, 2020 8:29 am


Hello Judy
I love the fudge books so much I have read them all ten times I am on fudge a mania for the 11 time
Goodbye hope your well.

Hometown: Oakville Ontario Canada - Posted June 18, 2020 8:37 pm

Coraline G

I would like to go to your bookstore but since because of the Corona Virus I can't.

Hometown: Hope ME - Posted June 18, 2020 3:45 pm


Hi Judy Blume
Do you teach righting classes for kids I'm interested in righting
Thanks so much
P.S I LOVE your books I'm reading the Fudge series right know they are amazing !!!

Hometown: Peoria - Posted June 16, 2020 4:15 pm


hi mrs.judy blume ,my name is ashantie i am turning 11 years old this year and i really love your books ive read: It's not the end of the world, bluber,sally.j.freedman as herself,deenie,are you thier god it,s me margret and i really love your books i would love it if you e mailed back your number 1 fan,ashantie

Hometown: Oakville Ontario Canada - Posted June 15, 2020 11:02 pm

Coraline G

Hello Judy Blume, what is your heritage?
and what is your favourite picture book??

Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON - Posted June 15, 2020 11:17 am


Dear Judy Blume,
I really like reading the Fudge books. I’ve read the whole series 5 times! When I am older, can I please write some more Fudge books for you? I have an idea of writing one called Double Tootsie, where the Howie’s have another baby and they name it Tamara Roxanne, just like Tootsie! Then they see the Howies in the Everglades and have to deal with the Howie’s again!
Yours truly, Claire

Hometown: New City, NY - Posted June 14, 2020 9:57 am



I loved reading your books as a kid, and now I've been reading the Fudge books to my five-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter. Spending time with the Hatchers has become the highlight our day. It's such fun sharing these books with my kids. Another generation of young readers are learning to love to read thanks to you!

Hometown: Geelong Victoria Australia - Posted June 13, 2020 5:18 am


Dear Judy, I am an older fan of superfudge, and I have fond memories of my primary school teacher who I have reconnected with via fbook reading s fudge with voices, amazing Judy...
Can I please get a signed copy of super fudge fr Pauline and payfor it to be sent to me pleases Judy? Cheers

Hometown: Signal Mountain - Posted June 10, 2020 6:06 pm


Hello! Can you tell me where I can find the small movie/illustration of Freckle Juice that was narrated? It aired on the Disney Channel (or possibly Nickelodeon) in the early 90s. I’ve been looking for it for ages! I’d love it if someone else could help me find it! I have such good memories of watching it. My Mom had recorded it on an old VHS tape.

Hometown: Branchburg - Posted June 7, 2020 1:32 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
Hi can you please write more Fudge books, Thank you!

Hometown: Longmont - Posted June 7, 2020 12:22 pm


Judy Blume
Hello my name is Maya I am nine years old and I’m about to go into fourth grade. I really enjoy listening to your books. My favorite books are the ones about Peter and his little brother fudge. I listen to fudge books every night before I go to sleep. I would be really happy if you made some more audiobooks about fudge and Peter. I know you’re really busy this isn’t a demand It is just a request you don’t have to make more I would be OK with whatever you choose but I’m just going to let you know that it would make me really happy if you made more. I hope you get this reply And remember this isn’t a demand.
love Maya

Hometown: Missoula - Posted June 4, 2020 12:18 am

Kari Ann

I have just read "Blubber" and concluded that Wendy is a young sociopath. The group tortures are horrifying. Teachers and bullying survivors, what needs to be done to prevent these monstrosities?

Hometown: Oakville Ontario Canada - Posted June 3, 2020 3:30 pm

Coraline Gregory

What was your favourite book that you wrote??

Thanks Coraline.

Hometown: Topsham - Posted June 2, 2020 6:32 am


To Judy Blume

I am writing to you to tell you how much I love you books they make me laugh so much.
I have just finished Double fudge and in lookdown I have read Fudge a mania,Tales of fourth grade nothing= personally my favourite!!!,Freckle juice,Superfudge and currently reading Otherwise known as Sheila the great.

Sometimes when I just want to get away from my brother and sister I go and sit on my bed to read your books. It's hard being the youngest. I spend ages up there sometimes because your books make me not want to put them down.

I love how in the Fudge books Fudge is so annoying to Peter. I love the fact that when Fudge was young he swallowed Peter's turtle Drible.Their dog Turtle is really funny.The funniest part of Supperfudge was probably the part was when he took Uncle Feather in school. In our family we all still say ‘bonjour stupid’ !
I love your books, thank you for writing them.

Yours sincerely


Hometown: Rhinebeck - Posted May 26, 2020 3:50 pm

Amaia Hayes

Hello, I love your books so so much. Thank you for writing them, you are my favorite authour.

Hometown: Brasov, Romania - Posted May 23, 2020 8:23 am


Hi Judy!

I am 10 years old and I love your Fudge books. Unfortunately I have not read the second third and the fifth volume net.
This is because they were not published in Romanian yet. However, the other Fudge books were  the funniest i have ever read.

They were so nice that even my younger sister who hates reading read them.

I can't wait to buy and read the remaining books with Fudge. I'm also excited to read The Freckle Juice.


Hometown: Louisville - Posted May 22, 2020 3:44 pm


Double Fudge is an amazing book. Can you write another fudge book

Hometown: Pierceton - Posted May 18, 2020 5:50 am


Did you write the book "Dear God Am I Living In A Stephen King Book?"
If so, is it still in print? I would love to add it to my Stephen King collection if I can find it.

Hometown: Lawrenceville NJ - Posted May 16, 2020 4:58 pm

Ellen L

Your newest fan is my eight year old grandson. Throughput this pandemic, we have missed each other very much. Every night I read him a chapter from one of your books via FaceTime. He has been struggling with second grade “zoom” school. Our nightly reading time not only keeps us connected, but reinforces his reading comprehension. Thank you, Judy!

Hometown: Naples - Posted May 15, 2020 9:08 am


Ms. Blume,
My class REALLY loves your Fudge books. After we read Double Fudge, they were begging for more!! Since he is only about 5, you could really continue with the series.
A Very Interested Teacher and her students

Hometown: New York - Posted May 15, 2020 7:26 am


Hello! I’ve been your fan since 93 and now as a teacher I am reading your books to my class! I always talk about you as my favorite author who spoke at my graduation. (NYU 06!). Hope you’re doing well during this time- if you’re interested in zooming with my class please let me know!!! Love, Lindsay

Hometown: Naples - Posted May 14, 2020 10:40 am


Can you make a 5th Fudge book. My class reakky likes the series.

Hometown: south portland - Posted May 13, 2020 6:43 pm


I am loving you books. I have read most of them. I like the one about good mMrgaret that is my favorite book.

Hometown: Oakville Ontario Canada - Posted May 12, 2020 10:50 pm


Hi Judy Blume it's me again! I'm reading "Just as long as we're together" and I have an idea for a book about Alison and the title is: The one and only Maizie , the talking dog! I forgot to tell you I also like Superfudge!
Thank you, Coraline.

Hometown: st.louis - Posted May 10, 2020 9:57 am


maybe you could write a book about a girl who wants to be something but is restricted to do so because of unfair laws that don't give women and girls many choices.

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario - Posted May 9, 2020 5:08 pm


I Love your books my favourites are: Tales of a fourth grade nothing, Otherwise known as sheila the great, Double Fudge< Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself and Deenie
Thank you, Coraline.

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