All of the articles linked below are by Judy, and full of autobiographical information


Tales of a Mother/Confessor

From Newsweek, June 1990.

Thousands of teens tell her their secrets and seek her advice. So why didn’t her own two children? Read the essay

Letters of Intent

From the book, Letters of Intent, edited by Anna Bondoc and Meg Daly

How Did You Manage a Writing Career While Raising Kids? (By Jennifer Baumgardner and Judy Blume) Read the essay


Oh, Brother!

From Seventeen Magazine, Oct. 2007

He calls you names, farts in your face, or even just completely ignores you. Judy explains why, with brothers, it can take a while to appreciate what you've got. Read the essay


Excerpt From the Half-Jewish Book

The Half-Jewish Book is by Daniel M. Klein and Freke Vuijst

Although both Judy’s parents were Jewish, she was asked to participate in this book because the heroine of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret is half-Jewish. Read the essay


I Wish I’d Known in High School

From Cosmo Girl!

“I still remember how I felt on the day my gym teacher wrapped a measuring tape around my back and chest and called out, “twenty-eight.” I was humiliated, even at my all girls public high school....” Read the essay


Best Friends

Judy’s scrapbook of her real-life best friend Mary (with photos).

“Though we never spent our summers together she was and still is my “summer sister”, my soulmate. We met in seventh grade homeroom and connected right from the start--Sullivan and Sussman--like a vaudeville act. And we became a team, best friends through junior high, high school and into college.” Read the essay


Intro to Wifey

“I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in education in case, God forbid, I ever had to go to work.” Read the essay


Smart Women (intro)

“In 1979 I was divorced and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with two teenagers. I was thankful for my work, but convinced I would never fi nd a lasting love relationship, when bam! – it hit me all over again. Falling in love at 40 (or any age) is s’wonderful, just like the song says. But this time around you bring all that baggage with you....” Read the essay