Judy on Writing

When I began to write, some people humored me. “You’ve always been such a dreamer!” Some discouraged me. “Do you know what the odds are…do you know how many would-be writers there are out there?” Some were actually angry. “What makes you think you can write?”

A lot of my readers ask me for “writing tips.” I wish it were that easy! There are no hard and fast rules for writing, and no secret tricks, because what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Everybody is different. That’s the key to the whole business of writing – your individuality.

I once met a woman who wanted to write. She told me she’d read 72 books about writing but she still couldn’t do it. I suggested that instead of reading books about writing, she read the best books she could find, the books that would inspire her to write as well as she could.

On this site, the best I can do is share with you what works for me. Click on any topic to read about it, or click here to download a printable version (PDF) of all.

You also might want to check out my MasterClass, 24 lessons in almost 5 hours of video, sharing all that I know about writing.

Good luck!

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