At last, Judy’s Forever is being released as an Audiobook on September 14, 2021.

Is there a difference between first love and true love? Judy Blume’s groundbreaking novel about teen sexuality has a fresh new audiobook treatment

The bed is brass, covered with a patchwork quilt, and “nice and firm,” Michael says, “in case you’re interested.”

Katherine is interested.

Katherine and Michael are in love, and Katherine knows it’s forever–especially after she loses her virginity to him. But when they’re separated for the summer, she begins to have feelings for another boy. What does this say about her love for Michael? And what does “forever” mean, anyway? Is this the love of a lifetime, or the very beginning of a lifetime of love?

Written by: Judy Blume Read by: Caitlin Kinnunen & Judy Blume
Imprint: Listening Library

Audiobook Available September 14, 2021 – Listen to Audio Clip

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