The story

It’s summer 1970, and Sandy Pressman’s husband wants her to make new friends at “the club”… But Sandy has other ideas.

Judy says

My first novel for adult readers! Funny and baaad, Sandy Pressman was raised to lead a fifties life. You know … grow up, get a college degree in case, god forbid, you ever have to go to work, marry well, have children and … that’s the problem … and what??? For Sandy, it’s the summer she begins to question her choices and give in to her fantasies.

When Wifey was published some people thought I would never write another children’s book, some thought I had written a real book at last, some were angry that I hadn’t used a pseudonym, others that I even had such thoughts! Plus, I began to hear from old boyfriends. And those who wanted to be.


In the book Norman calls Sandy his little wifey. (I’ve heard people pronounce it whiffey. And once someone came to our house for dinner, saw the book and misread the title as White Feet.)


Claire Smith was my beloved agent. Phyllis Grann, my editor/publisher on Wifey. They encouraged me and believed in the book. Randy and Larry, my daughter and son, were teenagers and had gone through some hard times with me.

“One for the grown-ups! … Pathos, slapstick, romance … My children have been addicted to her for years – now one sees why.”

–Los Angeles Times