The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo

The story

Lately, second grader Freddy Dissel has that left-out kind of feeling. Life can be lonely when you’re the middle kid in the family. Freddy feels like “the peanut butter part of a sandwich,” squeezed between an older brother and little sister. But now, Freddy has the chance to show everyone how special he is and, most of all, prove it to himself.

Judy says

My first published book! What can I say? It was such a thrill. When the phone call came from the publisher with an offer to publish the book, my young children were playing in the basement playroom with something called “Silly Sand.” I ran downstairs, scooped up a handful of “Silly Sand,” threw it up in the air and whooped with joy! Larry’s friend, Laurie Murphy, ran home crying, telling her mother that Larry’s mom had gone crazy. I suppose that’s how it seemed to her. The book has been through at least three editions since, with new illustrations each time.


It just popped into my head!


To my children Randy and Larry, who were younger than Freddy Dissel when I wrote this book.

“Spontaneous humor, sure to appeal to the youngest reader.”
–Horn Book Magazine