Letters to Judy

“Kids don’t just trust Judy Blume, they pour their hearts out to her… Letters to Judy is a moving collective portrait of young Americans… The sound of real life practically leaps off the pages.”

–Los Angeles Herald Examiner

The story

Judy’s most personal book. Letters from her readers tied together with autobiographical details.

Judy says

I thought it might take me six months to compile the letters I wanted to use in this book from the many thousands I’d received over the years. Instead it took three years—three emotionally draining, gut wrenching, years. It wasn’t just the letters themselves, it was digging into my own life to tie them together. Love, loss, joy, sadness, inadequacies, rivalries, hope, hopelessness. What do kids want? They want the same things we all want—a loving family, friends, a non-threatening workplace (that’s school for kids), a nurturing, safe environment in which to learn. They want to be encouraged, challenged, and appreciated for who they are, recognized for what they might become, and accepted even when they make a mistake. Don’t we all? Most of all, they wish they could talk to their parents, and that their parents would really listen (without judging them).

All the royalties (my payments) from the sale of this book go directly to the Kids Fund, a charitable foundation to benefit young people.

Letters to Judy is no longer for sale in bookstores. But you should be able to find it in your library. It can also be ordered directly from Amazon.


Not an easy one. The original hardcover was called Letters to Judy: What Your Kids Wish They Could Tell You. When the paperback came out a year later we changed it to: Letters to Judy: What Kids Wish They Could Tell You.


To all the young people who have written, sharing their lives with me.