Diary: Seinfeld (Continued)

Seinfeld (Continued)

The other two writers do a fine job. I enjoy both David Adams Richards, a Canadian writer who reads from his fishing memoir, Lines on the Water, and William J. Smith, a poet I recognize from Authors Guild meetings in New York. He is a wonderful performer.

Wednesday, May 13

Early morning pickup for Canada AM, their version of the Today Show. It’s a longish drive but I’ve had croissants and juice in my room. Without breakfast first thing I’m useless. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Back to the hotel for an interview with the Globe and Mail over a second breakfast! Adrienne tells me their Eggs Benedict are wonderful but I opt for cereal and fruit. The reporter doesn’t order anything.

12 PM
Taped TV interview: the Chronicle.
Sandwiches in the car on the way to another TV show.

3-4PM Dini Petty Show.
It’s her last show of the season and John Irving will also be a guest. I’m a big fan and am glad we have a chance to greet one another. We’ve been “doing” Toronto back to back. One TV host told me John showed his new tattoo on camera. I wonder if maybe I should get a tattoo. A washable one like Elliot uses to decorate himself.

There’s a live audience at Dini’s show. They hoot and clap on command but Dini is relaxed and the show is Fun!

By the time we get back to the hotel it’s 5PM. Adrienne insists on taking me out for an early dinner though I truly wouldn’t mind eating alone. She knows I have to be settled in my room before nine to see the final episode of Seinfeld.

I get back at 8:30, throw off my clothes, pull on the terry robe provided by the hotel, send down for a pot of tea and cookies and climb into bed to watch The Final Episode. When it ends I phone George so we can compare notes. I liked it more than he did. Then sleep….

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