Judy’s Anxiety Diary

Have you ever wondered what a best-selling author thinks about as she embarks on a national book tour? Here’s one answer…

Judy kept an “anxiety diary” of her May 1998 book tour for the hardcover publication of Summer Sisters. Browse through the entries by clicking a chapter title below, or just press the start button.

May 3: Anxiety

May 4-5: It’s Started

May 7: TV or Not TV

May 8: Doing Better

May 9-12: Mother’s Day

May 13-14: Seinfeld

May 15-17: Sinatra

May 18: Twelve Cities in one Day

May 19-22: Pancake Makeup

May 27-28: Hitting the Lists!

May 29-30: The Computer Ate Seattle

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May 3

But will I have the necessary stamina? Will I catch the stomach flu like the time a child stood very close and said, “Sign for my brother, he’s home throwing up.” Will I crumple if a talk show host gives me a hard time? Will the censors be out there waiting?

How come I still get so anxious about all this? You’d think by now I’d have learned…