Judy’s Audiobooks: Chapter Books

Soupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great One

Kathleen McInerney captured the voices of The Pain & the Great One, plus all the other characters in Soupy Saturdays. And guess who got to read the part of Fluzzy? That’s right, and I can tell you, it wasn’t easy coming up with the voice of a cat. And not just any cat, but Fluzzy! Actually, I think Fluzzy will sound a lot like me. Oh well.

Cool Zone with the Pain & the Great One

Kathleen recorded Cool Zone, too, so the CD came out along with the book. (And yes, I’m Fluzzy in that one, too!) Kathleen was amazing! We kept feeding her mashed potatoes and cups of water to soothe her throat (her choice). Hope you get the chance to listen.

Going, Going, Gone! and Friend or Fiend? with the Pain & the Great One

Kathleen recorded these books back-to-back in one very long day at the studio. She had to come up with new voices for characters who were making their first appearances — Grandpa Pete and Miss Memory in Going, Going, Gone! And teenage cousins, William and Sierra in Friend or Fiend? She did a great job, as usual, making me laugh out loud. In Friend or Fiend? Fluzzy reveals his big secret, which means I had to read it as if I were a cat with a secret. But I think I sound more like a cat who’s lost his patience with humans. I’d love to know what you think.