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Key to Book Titles:
BLUBBER = Blubber
DEENIE = Deenie
DBL FUDGE = Double Fudge
FOREVER = Forever …
FRECKLE JUICE = Freckle Juice
FUDGE-A-MANIA = Fudge-a-mania
IGGIE = Iggie’s House
ITS NOT THE END = It’s Not the End of the World
JUST AS LONG = Just As Long As We’re Together
KANGAROO = The One In the Middle Is A Green Kangaroo
MARGARET = Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret
PAIN AND GREAT = The Pain and the Great One
THE PAIN & GREAT ONE SERIES (of below four books):
SOUPY SAT = Soupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great One
COOL = Cool Zone with the Pain & the Great One
GOING = Going! Going, Gone! with the Pain & Great One
FRIEND = Friend or Fiend? with the Pain & the Great One
RACHEL= Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson
SALLY = Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself
SHEILA = Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great
SMART WOMEN = Smart Women
SUMMER SISTERS = Summer Sisters
SUPERFUDGE = Superfudge
TALES = Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
THEN AGAIN = Then Again, Maybe I Won’t
TIGER EYES = Tiger Eyes
UNLIKELY = In the Unlikely Event
WIFEY = Wifey