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Judy Blume and Lena Dunham In Coversation
The Believer, December 10, 2013, Edited by Sheila Heti and Ross Simonini

Lena Dunham Interviewed Judy Blume and It Was Awesome
Cosmopolitan, December 5, 2013, by Frank Kobola

Judy Blume: Shining A Light for Young Readers
The Council Chronicle, November 2013, by Deb Aronson

Queen of Everything: Imagine A World Run By A Rather Nice Famous Woman
Stylist, October 9, 2013, by Kate Wills

Young adult books that changed our lives
CNN, October 7, 2013, by CNN Living Staff

Judy Blume Is Still Standing Up for Kids
Slate, July 9, 2013, by Alyssa Rosenberg

So Many Kinds of Longing: An Interview With Judy Blume
Rookie Magazine, July 8, 2013, by Jamia

After 44 Years, Hollywood is Finally Smart Enough to Make a Judy Blume Movie
Village Voice, June 11, 2013, by Nick Schager

Glen Ellyn reinstates banned book after Judy Blume weighs in
Chicago Tribune, June 10, 2013, by Stacy St. Clair

Judy Blume shares behind-the-scenes stories of making Tiger Eyes into a movie, June 9, 2013, by Carla Hay

Judy Blume offers parental guidance on Tiger Eyes
Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2013, by Nicole Sperling

Judy Blume’s road to Tiger Eyes the movie and her next chapter
Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2013, by Nicole Sperling

Judy Blume Talks About Bringing Tiger Eyes to the Big Screen
Time, June 7, 2013, by Megan Gibson

Judy Blume and her son team up for her first-ever film adaptation, June 7, 2013, by Randee Dawn

Judy Blume brings coming-of-age tale Tiger Eyes to the big screen
Chicago Sun-Times, June 6, 2013, by Kara Spak

Judy Blume on the Tiger Eyes Film, What She’s Reading, and Why Moms Can’t Get Their Daughters to Read Her Books
Vanity Fair, June 6, 2013, by Andrea Cuttler

Best-selling author Judy Blume hits big screen, finally
Yahoo (Reuters), June 6, 2013, by Zorianna Kit

Author Blume and director-son turn her Tiger Eyes into feature film
Miami Herald, June 6, 2013, by Cammy Clark

Judy Blume and her son bring Tiger Eyes to the big screen
College News, June 6, 2013, by Chelsie Lacny

Are You There, Judy Blume? It’s Me, Rachel
Huffington Post, June 5, 2013, by Rachel Braun Scherl

Judy Blume is finally ready for her Hollywood closeup
New York Post, June 1, 2013, by Sara Stewart

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