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Judy Blume Talks Forever, Purple Fashions
Jezebel, May 25, 2010, by Irin Carmon

Gov. Chris Christie tells Rutgers’ largest graduating class what it ‘truly means to be free’, May 16, 2010, by Sergio Bichao

Rutgers: 2010 Honorary Doctor of Letters Conferred on Judy Blume
Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey, May 16, 2010

Face to face with Judy Blume: Author speaks to kids from her Florida home
Courier-Journal, May 5, 2010, by Sara Cunningham

Nicholson, DeVito Join NJ Hall Of Fame
NPR, May 2, 2010

3rd Annual New Jersey Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
Life Magazine, May 2, 2010

New Jersey Hall of Fame Gala Induction Ceremomy: Third Annual Ceremony Celebrates New Jersey Legends
New Jersey Hall of Fame, May 2, 2010

The eternal allure of Judy Blume, a Jersey Girl, April 30, 2010, by Susie Wilson

The 20 Best Moments in Women’s Health, 2009, by Stephanie Dolgoff of

Are You There, Social Justice? It’s Me, Judy
Politics Daily, November 9, 2009, by Lizzie Skurnick

Thank You, Nancy Drew and Judy Blume
The Huffington Post, October 27, 2009, by Carole Baron

Lunchtime Quiz: Judy Blume
Mental Floss Magazine, October 27, 2009, by Yael Bar-Tur

National Coaliation Against Censorship Honors Judy Blume
School Library Journal, October 23, 2009, by Rocco Staino

National Coalition Against Censorship Salutes Judy Blume
Publishers Weekly, October 21, 2009, by Sara Antill

Celebrating 35 Years Defending Free Speech – A Night of Comedy with
Judy Blume & Friends

National Coalition Against Censorship, October 19, 2009

God bless Judy Blume, October 16, 2009

Interview — Judy Blume: “I Was Margaret” (with links to Podcast and Webcast)
Resource Shelf, October 2, 2009

New York — Bold questions
Timeout New York, September 30, 2009, by Allison Williams

Are you there, Yale? It’s me, Judy Blume.
Yale Daily News, September 22, 2009, by Natalia Thompson

A Dirty Little Secret: Self-Censorship
School Library Journal, February 1, 2009, by Debra Lau Whelan

Book Fest: Are you there, Madison? It’s her, Judy Blume
77 Square, Madison, Wisconsin, October 16, 2008, by Heather Lee Schroeder

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