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Diablo Cody: In Praise of Judy Blume
Entertainment Weekly, September 27, 2008, by Diablo Cody

What I know about men
The Observer, United Kingdom, July 6, 2008, by Eva Wiseman

My Secret Life: Judy Blume
The Independent, Wisconsin, February 9, 2008

Judy Blume’s lessons in love
The Telegraph, United Kingdom, February 8, 2008, by Melissa Whitworth

Judy blooms again
Star Tribune, Minnesota, May 31, 2008
Interview by Gail Rosenblum, Video produced by Steve Rice

“Face to Face With My Growing Up Coach”
Hometown Life, Michigan, October 2007

Judy Blume Visits Bank Street Bookstore
Columbia Spectator, October 1, 2007

Honoring Teen’s Sexual Reality: Judy Blume
RH Reality Check, August 16, 2007, by Anna Clark

Judy Blume: An iconic author woos a new generation of kids, September 13, 2007

Teen spirit
The Guardian, , United Kingdom, September 8, 2005, by Sarah Crown

The teen’s queen
The Telegraph, United Kingdom, February 2, 2005, by Helen Brown

Fiction Heroine
Washington Post, Wednesday, November 17, 2004, by Jennifer Frey

Judy Blume Wins National Book Award Honorary Medal
Associated Press, September 15, 2004

Judy Blume for President
The Boston Phoenix, May 1998, by Ellen Barry

People Magazine’s 25 Most Intriguing People of 1998
People Magazine, December 1998

Why Judy Blume Endures
New York Times Book Review, November 16, 1997, by Mark Oppenheimer

The New Yorker, December 5, 1983, by Faith McNulty

Interview and Chat Links

New York Public Library
Transcript of online chat, November 19, 2002

January Magazine
By Linda Richards

Children’s Literature Resources
By Cynthia Leitich Smith, September 12, 2002

CNN Live Today interview
By Daryn Kagan, September 30, 2002 (on the release of Double Fudge)

Random House Teacher Page
Pat Scales and Judy Blume discuss bullying.

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