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Talking about 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret' and more with Judy Blume

Chicago Tribune, September 11, 2018, by Heidi Stevens


Why Judy Blume Matters

The Huffington Post, February 12, 2018, by Amanda Palmer


Celebrating Judy Blume—Her Work and Impact—on Her 80th Birthday

School Library Journal, February 5, 2018 by Kara Yorio


What Judy Blume Can Teach You Today About Writing and Life

InStyle, December 14, 2017, by Mari Kasanuki


Judy Blume archive strengthens Beinecke's young adult collections

Yale University News, October 10, 2017, by Michael Morand


Judy Blume To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award From American Academy Of Arts And Letters

Bustle, April 12, 2017, by Kristian Wilson


Judy Blume remembers: NJ, books and childhood

USA Today-app., September 26, 2016, by Kelly-Jane Cotter


Judy Blume and Key West: Writer's haven becomes forever home

The Key West Citizen: Keys Style, June 12, 2016, by Kay Harris


Four authors that are cutting out the middleman

The Toronto Star, May 29, 2016, by Mike Doherty


'People are hungry for real bookstores': Judy Blume on why US indie booksellers are thriving

The Guardian, May 20, 2016, by Alison Flood


Author Judy Blume is blooming with Florida book store enterprise

My Central Jersey, May 15, 2016, by Tricia Vanderhoof


Judy Blume, Bookseller

Publishers Weekly, April 14, 2016, by Judith Rosen


Battle of the bans

Index on Censorship, Autumn 2015, by Vicky Baker


Conversations with 2015 Regina Award Medalist Judy Blume

Catholic Library World, September 2015, transcribed by Cindy Marach and Anna Campos


Judy Blume Discusses Censorship

American Booksellers Association, May 6, 2015, by Chris Finan


Judy Blume on her new adult novel, In the Unlikely Event

The Independent, December 16, 2014, by Kate Wills


Judy Blume's New Novel: The First Look!

People Magazine, December 15, 2014, by Tara Fowler


Judy Blume: 'I thought, this is America: we don't ban books. But then we did'

The Guardian, July 11, 2014, by Alison Flood


Judy Blume's next book is one for adults to look forward to

The Guardian, June 26, 2014, by Alison Flood


Judy Blume Novel for Adults Set for 2015

New York Times, June 25, 2014, by John Williams


Judy Blume: The woman who taught a generation about sex (including me)

The Times, June 19, 2014, by Helen Rumbelow


Re-reading Judy Blume: it's time travel

Stylist Magazine, June 14, 2014, by Lucy Mangan


Judy Blume: Parents worry too much about what children read

The Telegraph, June 1, 2014, by Hannah Furness


Judy Blume, The Puberty Guru

Frankie Magazine, May 23, 2014, by Sophie Kalagas


Being in the crosshairs of censorship

The Citizen, April 16, 2014, by Gwen Filosa


Take Two | A Dual Review of What’s New, Starring Danny McBride and Judy Blume

New York Times: T Magazine, March 19, 2014


Newsmaker: Judy Blume

American Libraries Magazine, March/April 2014


Judy Blume meets Lena Dunham? My brain is short-circuiting

The Guardian, December 12, 2013, by Emma Brockes


Judy Blume and Lena Dunham In Coversation

The Believer, December 10, 2013, Edited by Sheila Heti and Ross Simonini


Lena Dunham Interviewed Judy Blume and It Was Awesome

Cosmopolitan, December 5, 2013, by Frank Kobola


Judy Blume: Shining A Light for Young Readers

The Council Chronicle, November 2013, by Deb Aronson


Queen of Everything: Imagine A World Run By A Rather Nice Famous Woman

Stylist, October 9, 2013, by Kate Wills


Young adult books that changed our lives

CNN, October 7, 2013, by CNN Living Staff


Judy Blume on Tiger Eyes and book bans

CBC, August 13, 2013, by Jian Ghomeshi


Judy Blume Is Still Standing Up for Kids

Slate, July 9, 2013, by Alyssa Rosenberg


So Many Kinds of Longing: An Interview With Judy Blume

Rookie Magazine, July 8, 2013, by Jamia


After 44 Years, Hollywood is Finally Smart Enough to Make a Judy Blume Movie

Village Voice, June 11, 2013, by Nick Schager


Glen Ellyn reinstates banned book after Judy Blume weighs in

Chicago Tribune, June 10, 2013, by Stacy St. Clair


Judy Blume shares behind-the-scenes stories of making Tiger Eyes into a movie, June 9, 2013, by Carla Hay


Judy Blume offers parental guidance on Tiger Eyes

Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2013, by Nicole Sperling


Judy Blume's road to Tiger Eyes the movie and her next chapter

Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2013, by Nicole Sperling


Judy Blume Talks About Bringing Tiger Eyes to the Big Screen

Time, June 7, 2013, by Megan Gibson


Judy Blume and her son team up for her first-ever film adaptation, June 7, 2013, by Randee Dawn


Judy Blume brings coming-of-age tale Tiger Eyes to the big screen

Chicago Sun-Times, June 6, 2013, by Kara Spak


Judy Blume on the Tiger Eyes Film, What She’s Reading, and Why Moms Can’t Get Their Daughters to Read Her Books

Vanity Fair, June 6, 2013, by Andrea Cuttler


Best-selling author Judy Blume hits big screen, finally

Yahoo (Reuters), June 6, 2013, by Zorianna Kit


Author Blume and director-son turn her Tiger Eyes into feature film

Miami Herald, June 6, 2013, by Cammy Clark


Judy Blume and her son bring Tiger Eyes to the big screen

College News, June 6, 2013, by Chelsie Lacny


Are You There, Judy Blume? It's Me, Rachel

Huffington Post, June 5, 2013, by Rachel Braun Scherl


Judy Blume is finally ready for her Hollywood closeup

New York Post, June 1, 2013, by Sara Stewart


Judy Blume Is a Huge Fan of Girls, June 1, 2013, by Katie Van Syckle


A Mother’s Book Is Her Son’s Movie

New York Times, May 31, 2013, by Melena Ryzik


Judy Blume, forever

Chicago Tribune, May 31, 2013, by Nina Metz


Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes heads to Dallas June 7, directed by the original ‘Fudge’ — her son, Lawrence Blume

Dallas News, May 31, 2013, by Nancy Churnin


Tracing the Career of Tween-Lit Doyenne Judy Blume

New York Magazine/Vulture, May 19, 2013, by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay


Movie Alert: Tiger Eyes

Publishers Weekly, May 16, 2013, by Matia Burnett


Tiger Eyes Set to Sparkle on the Big Screen: Betsy Bird Talks to Judy and Lawrence Blume

School Library Journal, May 15, 2013, by Elizabeth Bird


Tiger Eyes, to be released in June, is the first movie adaptation of a Judy Blume book

The Christian Science Monitor, May 14, 2013, by Molly Driscoll


Are you there Hollywood? It's me, Judy Blume

Entertainment Weekly, May 13, 2013, by Sara Vilkomerson


Judy Blume helped a generation of young women to grow up: Fans will whoop to hear Tiger Eyes has been made into a film.

The Guardian, May 5, 2013, by Morven Cormlish


Death, sex and grief: Judy Blume finally hits cinemas with Tiger Eyes film

The Guardian, May 4, 2013, by Paul Harris


Tiger Eyes: Young adult author Judy blooms on on the big screen, but why the wait?

The Independent, April 28, 2013


The Tiger Eyes Trailer Is Here At Last

Hollywood Crush, April 26, 2013, by Kat Rosenfeld


Tiger Eyes': A Family Film

Publishers Weekly, April 23, 2013, by Sue Corbett


On Assignment: Chelsea Clinton reflects on Judy Blume's impact on her childhood

Rock Center NBC, February 20, 2013, by Chelsea Clinton


At 75, Judy Blume draws crowds with first film adaptation, February 19, 2013, by Emanuella Grinberg


Even after tragedy, Blume's Tiger Eyes sees good in life

Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, February 15, 2013, by Howard Pousner


12 Things We Learned From Judy Blume (Happy Birthday, Judes!)

Glamour, February 12, 2013, by Megan Angelo


Judy Blume: Three Essays

Los Angeles Review of Books, November 27, 2012, by Nell Beram, Nina Berry and Andrea Kleine


Are You There, S.F.? It's Judy Blume at the Jewish Film Fest!

SF Weekly, July 20, 2012, by Emily Wilson


Here's to you, Judy Blume: Son adapts novel for big screen

The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, , July 20, 2012, by Emma Silvers


Summer Reading - Author: Judy Blume

Amazon Omnivoracious, July 19, 2012, by Seira Wilson


Jewish Film Festival: Tiger Eyes a Judy Blume 1st

San Francisco Chronicle, July 18, 2012, by David D'Arcy


A Y.A. Lover's Summer Reading List, by Judy Blume, R.L. Stine, and Others

The Atlantic Wire, May 31, 2012, by Jen Doll


How to raise a bookworm

USA Weekend, May 10, 2012, by Stephanie Weaver


Judy Blume's classic novel Tiger Eyes hits the silver screen at Montclair Film Festival Saturday

The Star Ledger, May 4, 2012, by Vicki Hyman


Montclair Film Festival shows Tiger Eyes, appearances by Judy and Lawrence Blume

The Montclair Times, May 3, 2012, by Gwen Orel


Judy Blume's Advice on Getting Your Kids to Read

Huffington Post, May 2, 2012, by Deborah Stambler


Speakeasy: Judy Blume 'Eyes' the Silver Screen

Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2012, by Michelle Kung


Festival of Books: Are you there Judy Blume? It's us, your fan base

Los Angeles Times, April 21, 2012


Are you there readers? It's Judy Blume

Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2012, by Carolyn Kellogg


What Was So Emotional About Judy Blume's Dallas Visit?

The Dallas Morning News, April 20, 2012, by Michael Merschel


Are you there, Hollywood? It's me, Judy Blume

Palm Beach Post, April 14, 2012, by Post Staff


Lineup Unveiled for Inaugural Montclair Film Festival

The New York Times, April 9, 2012, by David Itzkoff


Guys Read Judy Blume Too, and Not Just for the “Dirty Bits”

Jezebel, April 6, 2012, by Hugo Schwyzer


Judy Blume’s Magnificent Girls, March 23, 2012, by Anna Holmes


Google Play Q & A with Judy Blume

Google, March 22, 2012


The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012

Time Magazine, March 21, 2012, by Allie Townsend and Amy Lombard


The Fig Daily Theme, March 15, 2012, by Judy Blume


Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Other Judy Blume Favorites to Be Released as E-Books

New York Times, March 7, 2012, by Julie Bosman


100 Greatest Books for Kids

Scholastic Magazine, March 2, 2012, number 29 and 85


Locker Notes Biatch

Bullett Magazine, Spring 2012, by Judy Blume


Our Oscar Picks: Postgame Edition

New York Times, February 27, 2012, by Melena Ryzik


First Look at Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes movie

Entertainment Weekly, February 24, 2012, by Sara Vilkomerson


Badass Hall of Fame: Judy Blume

Badass Digest, February 23, 2012, by Sarah Pitre


My Oscar Picks: Judy Blume

New York Times, February 22, 2012, by Melena Ryzik


Most Controversial Judy Blume Books

Huffington Post, February 12, 2012, by Margaret Bristol


Judy Blume Asks The Question, "What is a real book?"

Kindle Daily Post, January 27, 2012, by Judy Blume


Sexually, what's a girl to do?

Los Angeles Times, January 22, 2012, by Caitlin Flanagan


Are You There Twitter? It's Me Judy

ABC News, January 19, 2012, by Lucina Fisher


Q and A: Judy Blume

Smithsonian Magazine, January 2012, by Jeff Campagna


Zooey Deschanel: Entertainer of the Year

Entertainment Weekly, December 15, 2011, by Judy Blume


The Fourth Grade Nothing Turns Forty

Barnes & Noble: The Nook Blog, December 7, 2011, by Jeremy Cesarec


Judy Blume's classic 'Fudge' series released as e-books

USA Today, December 7, 2011, by Lindsay Deutsch


Judy Blume: Often Banned, But Widely Beloved

NPR Books, November 28, 2011


5 Questions With... the legendary Judy Blume!

Engage: International Reading Association, September 29, 2011


"60 Second Interview" by SA Jordan & "What Judy Means to Me..." by Helen G. Smith

Words With Jam, June 2011


Interview with Author Judy Blume

The Great Women Series, March 6, 2011, by Ilie Ruby


Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes heads to the big screen, prompting the question: Which of her other books should become a movie?

Washington Post, October 19, 2010, by Jen Chaney


Judy Blume Showed Innocence Isn't Forever

NPR Books - Special Series: My Guilty Pleasure, August 4, 2010, by J. Courtney Sullivan


Jews in the White House

The Huffington Post, May 29, 2010, by Abigail Pogrebin


CAPITAL CULTURE: WH party will fete Jewish culture

Associated Press, May 25, 2010, by Jocelyn Noveck


Judy Blume Talks Forever, Purple Fashions

Jezebel, May 25, 2010, by Irin Carmon


Gov. Chris Christie tells Rutgers' largest graduating class what it 'truly means to be free', May 16, 2010, by Sergio Bichao


Rutgers: 2010 Honorary Doctor of Letters Conferred on Judy Blume

Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey, May 16, 2010


Face to face with Judy Blume: Author speaks to kids from her Florida home

Courier-Journal, May 5, 2010, by Sara Cunningham


Nicholson, DeVito Join NJ Hall Of Fame

NPR, May 2, 2010


3rd Annual New Jersey Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Life Magazine, May 2, 2010


New Jersey Hall of Fame Gala Induction Ceremomy: Third Annual Ceremony Celebrates New Jersey Legends

New Jersey Hall of Fame, May 2, 2010


The eternal allure of Judy Blume, a Jersey Girl, April 30, 2010, by Susie Wilson


The 20 Best Moments in Women's Health, 2009, by Stephanie Dolgoff of


Are You There, Social Justice? It's Me, Judy

Politics Daily, November 9, 2009, by Lizzie Skurnick


Thank You, Nancy Drew and Judy Blume

The Huffington Post, October 27, 2009, by Carole Baron


Lunchtime Quiz: Judy Blume

Mental Floss Magazine, October 27, 2009, by Yael Bar-Tur


National Coaliation Against Censorship Honors Judy Blume

School Library Journal, October 23, 2009, by Rocco Staino


National Coalition Against Censorship Salutes Judy Blume

Publishers Weekly, October 21, 2009, by Sara Antill


Celebrating 35 Years Defending Free Speech - A Night of Comedy with
Judy Blume & Friends

National Coalition Against Censorship, October 19, 2009


God bless Judy Blume, October 16, 2009


Interview — Judy Blume: “I Was Margaret” (with links to Podcast and Webcast)

Resource Shelf, October 2, 2009


New York --- Bold questions

Timeout New York, September 30, 2009, by Allison Williams


Are you there, Yale? It’s me, Judy Blume.

Yale Daily News, September 22, 2009, by Natalia Thompson


A Dirty Little Secret: Self-Censorship

School Library Journal, February 1, 2009, by Debra Lau Whelan


Book Fest: Are you there, Madison? It's her, Judy Blume

77 Square, Madison, Wisconsin, October 16, 2008, by Heather Lee Schroeder


Diablo Cody: In Praise of Judy Blume

Entertainment Weekly, September 27, 2008, by Diablo Cody


What I know about men

The Observer, United Kingdom, July 6, 2008, by Eva Wiseman


My Secret Life: Judy Blume

The Independent, Wisconsin, February 9, 2008


Judy Blume's lessons in love

The Telegraph, United Kingdom, February 8, 2008, by Melissa Whitworth


Judy blooms again

Star Tribune, Minnesota, May 31, 2008
Interview by Gail Rosenblum, Video produced by Steve Rice


"Face to Face With My Growing Up Coach"

Hometown Life, Michigan, October 2007


Judy Blume Visits Bank Street Bookstore

Columbia Spectator, October 1, 2007


Honoring Teen's Sexual Reality: Judy Blume

RH Reality Check, August 16, 2007, by Anna Clark


Judy Blume: An iconic author woos a new generation of kids, September 13, 2007


Teen spirit

The Guardian, , United Kingdom, September 8, 2005, by Sarah Crown


The teen's queen

The Telegraph, United Kingdom, February 2, 2005, by Helen Brown


Fiction Heroine

Washington Post, Wednesday, November 17, 2004, by Jennifer Frey


Judy Blume Wins National Book Award Honorary Medal

Associated Press, September 15, 2004


Judy Blume for President

The Boston Phoenix, May 1998, by Ellen Barry


Why Judy Blume Endures

New York Times Book Review, November 16, 1997, by Mark Oppenheimer



The New Yorker, December 5, 1983, by Faith McNulty


Interview and Chat Links

New York Public Library

Transcript of online chat, November 19, 2002


January Magazine

By Linda Richards


Children's Literature Resources

By Cynthia Leitich Smith, September 12, 2002


CNN Live Today interview

By Daryn Kagan, September 30, 2002 (on the release of Double Fudge)


Random House Teacher Page

Pat Scales and Judy Blume discuss bullying.


For a more comprehensive list (no links) of newspaper
and magazine articles about Judy, click here.