What an exceptional book!. It brought back so many emotions of growing up. Vix and Caitlin are wonderful intricate characters. .... Another great gift you have given us.
—Ellen M.
Kelso, WA


Memories came flooding back and I knew I was in for a great read! I couldn’t put it down. I just finished it and I feel like I spent last night and this morning with an old friend.
North Wales, Pa.
Doing Better

Miami—An early morning TV appearance on the local news. Wake up call at 5:30 am but I’m not worried. I have my new alarm clock. Of course, I couldn’t figure out exactly how to set it last night and was too tired to care. But the hotel comes through and I jump out of bed in the darkness. Have to do my own makeup for TV which has never been my strong point. I skip the eyeshadow. I’ll never get that right. Better to do without than to look like a raccoon.


The host asks good questions and makes the most of our less than three minutes. I remember GMA and do better this time, more relaxed and focused on the book.


Breakfast back at the hotel, the Biltmore, a gorgeous old place with soaring painted ceilings in the lobby and pillars flanked by two huge birdcages. I stop for a look at the birds and watch them nibble their breakfasts of fruits and veggies.


It’s 97 degrees out and the Author Escort drives Vicki and me to Boca Raton where I have fifteen minutes to sign books at Liberties. They have very few copies so it’s not a problem. They say they sold them over the weekend. Let’s hope!


An emotional reunion at the bookstore with Marilyn Willison, whom I met twenty years ago when she reviewed Wifey for the L.A. Times. Since then we’ve corresponded but haven’t seen one another. She’s in a wheelchair now with a mysterious neurological disorder. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? She’s as lovely, witty and talented as ever - compiling a book on what makes “Sammie” run.


Interview - a live radio show. Fun and focused. Focus seems to be my word of choice these days. The show’s host gets us in the mood by playing the “Wanderer” as Dion will be her guest for the second half of her show. Pick up deli sandwiches to take in the car enroute to: Southern Book Service where I sign 450 copies of Summer Sisters. Back to hotel for early dinner with my former husband’s family. We’ve stayed in touch over the years.