ď...her writing sings.Ē
ď...pretty darn good.Ē
óHartford Courant


A friend of mine passed on an advance copy of Summer Sisters, which I devoured in a day. And despite all the rejection and cynicism thatís out there in the publishing world, your book reminded me why I love to write so much. Besides being a fantastic story, it was a great inspiration.
Stephanie, Princeton, N.J.
May 3
Itís Started

New YorkóBumped from Good Morning, America. First day of new team and new set. Not a good day to have a guest who isnít TV savvy. Iím relieved. The publisher isnít. We both know an appearance on GMA is good for the book. They promise to re-schedule but will they? [Yes, Thurs. May 7, 8:30-9:00am slot]


Associated Press
An interview at home in New York. Both the reporter and the photographer grew up on my books. They have stories about Margaret and Forever. The photographer tells me she had her choice of shooting me or the Aga Khan that night. Iím flattered. Tell her I would have opted for the Aga Khan. I dress up in my new - bought just for the booktour - lilac sweater set and tall shoes. Then I feel silly since we all know I wouldnít be sitting around the house in those shoes! Story and pix to run next week, I think.


Another at-home interview. Gently scolded by photographer for not having powder to take the shine off my face. Itís not shine, itís moist, I explain. At my age moist is good! Use paper towel, he says, and blot the moist spots.


Run out early morning to buy powder. Today there will be no shine!
Several print interviews.
Lunch with a friend from Santa Fe.
Buy shoes.


Barnes and Noble - Huntington, Long Island - talk and signing.
Itís pouring. Vicki, the publicist from Delacorte, picks me up at 5:45 for a 7:30 appearance. Itís slow going because of rush hour and the rain. Instead of arriving twenty minutes early, as planned, we get there exactly at 7:30. I donít see anyone waiting...but when we get into the ďeventsĒ area itís filled with people of all ages. Iím overwhelmed. I never expect anyone to show.


But there are little kids in the audience and Summer Sisters is a book for adults so...


Got to run, off to bookstores around the city to sign books.