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Twelve Cities in One Day

New York—TV Satellite Tour
In two hours I do twelve interviews, each one lasting from one to five minutes. We reach markets in:


* Philadelphia
* Raleigh-Durham
* Louisville
* Memphis
* Dallas
* Kansas City
* Nashville
* Cleveland
* Tampa
* Jacksonville
* Houston


The only problem is you’re talking to a TV camera and you have to remember who you’re talking with and whether or not you’ve already said “it” during that interview. A makeup person powders your face in the minute break between interviews and you have just enough time to swig some water before you begin again. Still, there’s a lot less stress and exhaustion at the end of the day. And you haven’t had to haul your luggage through airports.


Lunch with fifteen of the hard working staff at Dell/Delacorte. My chance to say thanks to publisher Carole Baron and to Tracy Devine, who have believed in Summer Sisters from the start. I get the good news that they’ve gone back to press again!


A Night Out: George and I join friends for dinner. A taste of the real world. I tell myself if I can make it through the next four weeks there’ll be plenty of real world waiting. We stay up too late. Tomorrow morning I have to get up and prepare for my talk at Marymount College. On Wednesday I’ll be back on the road, this time for more than two weeks.