"...will remind readers why they read Blume's books when they were young: She finds a provocative theme and spins an involving story."
—Publishers' Weekly


"Harmless, even amusing, trash."


"Her dialogue is realistic, and her plot... moves right along. Blume remains a pithy writer."


"...isn't even salvageable for its sex scenes."
—NY Post


"...few do it better...relentlessly readable."
—Library Journal


"The years pass by at a fast and steamy clip... The dark and light sides of friendship breathlessly explored.""
The Computer Ate Seattle

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! After an hour and a half of typing about Seattle, the computer burped and Seattle disappeared. George will retrieve it for me. He always does.


Sorry, Seattle’s gone forever. That’s it for the Anxiety Diary


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