Sinatra (continued)

Vicki picks me up at 8:30 am for a live interview on CNN. Bobbi Battista (one of my favorites!) is in a studio in D.C. and Iím in New York but we click! Finally, I do an interview Iím proud of. One that is -- yes! -- focused on the book.


Iíve talked to a couple of writers recently whose publishers send them to ďMedia SchoolĒ to learn how to do this. I think itís a good idea! If I ever do another tour Iíll do practice interviews first! Iíll pass this on to Randy. Her book is about a young female commercial airline pilot (which she was) and Iím sure people will want to talk to her about it.


Noon: George and I meet Larry for brunch, across the street from a Barnes and Noble. I canít resist. After brunch, while George goes into a luggage shop to find a lightweight bag, Larry and I go into Barnes and Noble. Larry hides while I ask if they would like me to sign copies of my book. When the assistant manager brings over a short stack a young woman standing at the table says, ďJudy Blume...Is she still around?Ē


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