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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Sarah from Elkins park wrote on April 22, 2023
Hi Judy! I just wanted your documentary “Judy Blume forever” and it was wonderful! I am going to be 41 soon and haven’t read your books in a long time. Mostly because I have a learning disability and reading in school used to be very difficult for me. I used to love reading but once I hit middle school I hated it. I honestly didn’t even know about the books you wrote for adults and now am dying to read them! I wanted to write to you also just because I have been struggling a lot with my life lately and it just seemed like a good way to vent! Thank you for your books! They did make an impact when I was young for sure, and I’m sure they would now as well especially since I could really use some guidance about life in general! Hope you are well!
Sandy from Austin wrote on April 22, 2023
I have a really great life story an I would like you to write it. I have no proof for you but, my name is Sandy now but Karla before, in my dreams. I have plenty of words to make this a story. Things and stuff have caused me not to be scared to prove this but, I am sure you could write about my story as fiction. I love all of what you write. Oh also...not crazy!
Than you,
JML wrote on April 22, 2023
Dear Judy,
My life would have been so empty had it not been for the moment I discovered your books at the age of 8 when I purchased Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing at a school book fair. I am now 47, I literally grew up with your books.
It is also because of you that I actively defied my own mother when she tried to keep me from reading "inappropriate material" and why to this day seek out banned books everywhere I go. Duplicates are always rescued and passed on to good homes but MY collection of your books, as tattered as they now are live with me, they are treasure.
Also, I still love my mother and yes we still disagree often about my collection. This was all part of growing up.
Thank you for being such an incredible influence in my life. Truly, thank you so much.
Kenzie from Groves TX 77619 wrote on April 22, 2023
Hi judy i really am amazed at your work and I am excited to read Are you there god its me margret and my mom and her best friend grew up reading it too. They said that after I read it that we would go watch the movie I am stoked for it. To be honest I think I can kinda relate to Margret. I really want to get my period like she does and I have also moved schools too. I really really really really hope you reply.
Tricia from Yorktown wrote on April 22, 2023
I grew up reading your books when I was a adolescent and young adult. It helped me through an awkward stage in my life. I just watched your Amazon prime documentary Judy Blume Forever. All the memories from your book came rushing back to me. Inspiring me to buy your books to read again. I love your work! Thank you for all your books that inspire me and others. Much love and respect,Tricia
Amy from New Albany (suburb of Columbus), OH wrote on April 22, 2023
Dear Judy,
I am a 48 year old graduate student pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I think that is the first time that I wrote about myself in a long time without opening that I am a Mom to twin boys. They are now 18 and are up to their own adventures. I'm in finals week and am home alone and should be studying so of course instead of studying, I watched your documentary today. I started to cry as I watched your documentary and I wasn't sure why at first. Now as I type this I realize that talking about my developing body and sexuality was forbidden by my mother and I am remembering the feelings of shame that I had as a child. I was the second to last girl in my class to get her period and was taller than the boys and painfully thin and flat as a board at 14. It's funny how those feelings of inadequacy are still just beneath the surface all of these years later. I remember reading Are You There God It's Me Margaret around age 10 or 11 and feeling like I was finally being seen. I have made a point to include age appropriate talks over the years with my boys about bodies, puberty and sexuality. I don't want them to carry feelings of shame that don't seem to fade long after they should. I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised when one of my boys told me recently out of the blue that he rode his bike to Target to pick up condoms as he and his first girlfriend are getting close. That led to a dinner with my husband and the girl's parents which led to a phone call between the girl's mother and I about our attitudes on sexuality and birth control. Boy what a difference from my experience! I remember watching a movie with my boyfriend at age 16 and had my head on a pillow that was laying on his lap. My Mom called me into the kitchen and was furious and exclaimed that boys gets erections just from sitting on a jiggly bus, what do you think happens when you put your head on their lap! That memory is burned painfully into my brain. I must have repeated that line over and over in my mind during those formative years. I am so happy that there was another grown-up in my life who talked to me about my body and feelings of growing sexuality that didn't make me feel like I was bad. Could you have known what a difference you were making to young people when you started writing? I am sad for 10-year old me and 14-year old me and 16-year old me. But I am proud of 48-year old me. You are a big part of that. Thank you.
Much Love,
Melissa from Houston wrote on April 21, 2023
I would love to know if she has any book signing events this year.
Amy from New Albany (suburb of Columbus), OH wrote on April 21, 2023
p.s. You might be a Judy Blume fan when you watch her documentary instead of studying for finals, tear up, immediately write her an email while emotional, forget that you have a dog pick up and then attempt to give the wrong dog to the wrong owner since you’re now a dog watcher to help fund grad school.
Marla from Fort Worth wrote on April 21, 2023
Dear Judy,
I love your books. You are my all time favorite author! I really related to your books when I was growing up. I'm an avid reader and have a huge love of books. I'm 45 now and have two books that I'm writing. I have a vivid imagination and have so many life experiences that i need to write down. For a survivor of abuse and neglect, rape, and homelessness. You're books helped me get through these tough times when i had no one to talk to about them. I just wanted to say thank you for stepping up in a Man's world and creating a world that young women and men can experience and relate to. Thank you so much for this and for being you.
Ronald H from Aventura wrote on April 20, 2023
Hi Judy,
Writing from Toronto. To the point.
Attended your bio film at TJFF. You asked yourself why you told people your age so frequently. Being in good shape mind and body at 83-85 today is exceptional. Aside from genetics you have worked at it successfully.
I am also an " Octo". Someone, you I hope, ought to write a book for those of us trying to enjoy this stage of life. Are we still relevant? Can we "contribute" meaningfully? Can we be s volunteer army for institutions unable to afford the manpower? What about our kids, and grandkids?"
What does active mean at this stage?
Speaking for myself I confess I need as much help as the rest of your audiences over the decades.
Leave aside its best seller potential. If you can help us continue to enjoy life at our age you would be doing all of us a Mitzvah". Seeing ourselves in your characters is the key.
I have become something of a grumpy old man with aches and pains, loss of good hearing and more from morning to night. I struggle to be useful to my family, friends, and community. ( I was a lawyer in a former life, helped run a health care company thereafter and have bern retired for over 15 years.) My wife handles her aging so much better than me. Say " Yes" please. Ron.
Leah wrote on April 20, 2023
My ode to my fav. Thank you for your inspiration and contributions.
SuzyJane from Benicia wrote on April 19, 2023
Dear Ms Blume,
You won’t remember me, but 8 years ago or so I wrote you the very first year that I was transitioning. I’d mentioned I’d always loved your work, and I was reading “Margaret” again, because even as an adult, you made me feel less awkward about my life (as always!) You took the time to respond to me SO kindly, and you were SO supportive, and I want people to know that. It meant SO much to me that you took the time to respond. Being of “a certain age”, I grew up with you, and your kind response brought me joy in a VERY awkward time on the level of Mr Rogers telling me personally that I’m special. For many of us in my age, you’re right up there with him on the (sadly) short list of people that had a positive influence upon making us better people growing up. I’ve just now seen a report about “the comment”, and I knew I had to take a moment to say that I have first hand knowledge of your support of Trans people, and I thank you for it., and support you in turn. It truly meant so much to me, and I had to share it.
My big (Cis) sister and I are going to see “Margaret” together, and are SO excited, and I told her this story of your support and how much it meant to me when I first heard it was coming to the big screen. Thank you for being an ally, and thank you for being kind. I’m sorry for the hair trigger folks in my community have just now, but we collectively have had PTSD since things went south when Caitlyn Jenner came out. We have been under vicious attacks ever since. I want to assure my sisters that you are wonderful, kind, and absolutely supportive. I know this to be true first hand.
Since I’ve been this verbose, I hope you’ll forgive one small(er) update: Since we last talked, I have gone from being a disabled ex-nurse to having graduated from Mills College (when it was still a Women’s College! I’m fiercely Feminist and have always “preferred the company of Women”… even both my ex wives! Ha!) with my BA in English (in 2021), and a MFA in Creative Writing (in 2022). I am an adjunct Prof teaching English at a JC and I teach at a Prep school as well, but primarily, I am working on completing my first novel for adults (historical fiction about a lesbian couple in 1962 San Francisco). My second novel, however, will be a young person’s novel very much inspired by our interaction. I wrote one chapter in school and it was received enthusiastically! It is a kind of “Margaret” for young Trans girls, because they need a book written by someone who understands them and what they are going through in the way that you understood YOUR audience in Margaret. I’m hoping it will show the similarities between all women, CIS and Trans at that age… We all are scared to be different, we all want to be accepted and loved, and we all can’t wait to get our boobs! 🙂
Thank you so much, Ms Blume! My eternal gratitude and love to you! You made a real change in my life for the better!
(PS: Please be patient with my community. Can you imagine how many hearts would break if you were transphobic? We have lost a lot of people that we love because we were not born Cis. We can’t even appear on beer cans without being attacked. Please don’t give up on us! 💖💖💖)
Serina L from Edison wrote on April 18, 2023
Dear Judy Blume,
Like most girls, my mother handed me my first copy of Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret when I was around ten years old. You captivated the feeling of that “awkward stage” of girlhood in such a remarkable and relatable way which has resonated with me all this long.
I began to read your Fudge series as well and truly gained my love for reading through the characters you created. My love for reading blossomed into a passion for writing my own stories.
Now, as a college graduate with and English major, I plan to teach and hopefully make time to continue writing.
With that said, I can’t see myself having this passion if it weren’t for your books growing up. You are a true treasure and I hope you know just how special you are to the writing (and reading) community.
With Love,
Elizabeth wrote on April 17, 2023
Hello! I loved your books as a kid and I still do now! You responded to my entry last time, when I asked how you started to write. And now I'm writing a book! Thank you so much for inspiring me. Have a great day!
Tina N wrote on April 17, 2023
Judy Blume!
First of all, I love that you have this guest book and read it. Amazing.
Second of all, your books rock and helped me so much during my 70s childhood.
Third of all, thank you a million for saying that you support trans and all LGBTQ youth. I have a trans child and she is amazing. But the hate and ignorance around this issue scares me - for her and all youth. I'm trying to make change in the world but there is a big, well-funded swell against us.
Your VF interview was fantastic, unsurprisingly - anyone who writes about topics the way you have throughout your career would have a clear eye towards most issues. Books do make you more empathetic - it's a shame that people can be afraid to feel empathy towards someone who may be different than them.
Keep writing please!!!
Jackie Berman from New York City wrote on April 17, 2023
I understand that we are distant cousins through the Sussman side of my father, David Berman’s mother.
I wanted to reach out and connect.
Ella from Burlington wrote on April 17, 2023
Judy, I have been in love with your writing for years. You have been one of my biggest inspirations and I've grown up with the comfort of your characters. I know you say you've stopped writing, but I'm desperate for one last novel. Also, one day I will be there to turn summer sisters into a tv show. I love you so much!!! -Ella
nanci from new boston wrote on April 17, 2023
thanks to AARP, I just saw the wonderful documentary Judy Blume, Forever, I so admire you for speaking out for the adolescents. They need you more than ever these days
I must say I loved your colorful glasses..where can I find the frames.. hopefully they are not just reading glasses.. I so "need" fun glasses at my age (76)..
Jory Swan from Lake Havasu City wrote on April 17, 2023
Hello there,
I want to start this out by saying how much I am a fan of you and your work. I have read every book of yours, some over 10 times!
When I was in fourth grade, my teacher read to the class, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” I was smitten and hooked. I burned through the rest of your Fudge books. I dipped into your other books and was saddened when I reached the end of the age appropriate collection. I fell even more in love with your adult books, particularly “Smart Women”.
This year, I started my career as a third grade teacher in a rural community. My goal was to read to them a fiction book every single day. My grandmother, who was an elementary librarian for 30 years, bought me the box set of the Fudge series. Like me, 20 years ago, my third graders were enthralled. They would beg for the next book, some not being able to wait, would check out the next book ahead of me.
For me personally, you have instilled a love of reading and ignited a love of reading in 60 students (my co-teacher read it to her students and received the same reaction.)
I am forever a fan and selfishly hope you write many more books in the future.
Thank you from Lake Havasu, AZ.
Jo M from London wrote on April 16, 2023
Dear Judy, I am feeling very emotional, reading about your support for JK Rowling today in The Sunday Times.
I was an obsessional reader as a child and teen - spent hours hunkered down in my local library reading all sorts of books, and yours were my favourites - it seemed to me that you really 'got' children - girls in particular. I am one of the many women all over the world to whom Joanne Rowling has given a voice. I left my job in a Primary School because we were asked to agree that a very young child was now 'the opposite sex', just because that child di not conform to stereotypes, and had been teased for it. I believe we should support children to be the kind of boy or girl they want to be. I don't lie to children, and I don't pretend that other things aren't driving children's sense that they don't feel 'right'.
Thank you for defending her right to speak, and thereby, mine. Yours, and ordinary, not 'hateful' woman

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