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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Mia from fairbanks, alaska wrote on April 25, 2023
I really love superfudge it's very funny and a good book to read.At first i didn't like the book but now I love it.
Tayler-Rosa Yasmine from Fairbanks, Alaska wrote on April 25, 2023
Hi, Judy!! My class is reading SuperFudge right now and I love the book!! My favorite part of the series is when Peter becomes friends with Alex Santo!! It's fun! I really love the book and I hope you make another one!! But just remember, take your time if you need to!! You don't need to make books all the time! Bye bye!! 🙂
Susan Lerner from Los Angeles wrote on April 25, 2023
I’ve been an activist since I was 18 years old
When I was a nurse in training
It was before Roe and I saw too many poor and uneducated young women that died from blood loss and septicemia
Now my kids and grandchildren are activist🥰
Susan Lerner from Los Angeles wrote on April 25, 2023
I’m on psychiatric boards at UCLA and I was an RN at Harvard University. I’ve seen too many attempted suicides in both places because they didn’t get the grades that their parents wanted
Very sad
Now I speak on learning disabilities
I do
my want to stop
Susan Lerner from Los Angeles wrote on April 25, 2023
I do appreciate your books for my children
I’m 79 years old and I wish I had your books then
My sister and I have written a book. September Somewhere based on my crazy young adult life
We are called “Two Grandmas with a purpose
My sister and have always worked and always learned
Thank you Judy
Susan Lerner
Stacy D from Greeley, Iowa wrote on April 25, 2023
I watched Judy Blume Forever today. I have been a huge fan since I was a young kid. I have read almost every book. I remember thinking so many times reading the stories as a does she know? The hidden thoughts. Because my childhood was not a good one, I would lose myself in books. When I read, I imagine myself as the main character. It was an escape from my reality. Thank you for taking a chance and becoming a writer. You have made such a difference in so many lives. You will forever be one of my favorite authors.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Teesha from Ogden/Long Island Girl wrote on April 25, 2023
Hi Judy!
Now what does age have to do with anything, just another label..... I was so blessed to get my period at 8 1/2 years old..Huh??..Oh my!!!! What is this in life? I don't even brush my hair nor combed, my hair back then...and did not care, tomboy girl playing in the woods climbing trees, playing tonka trucks!!! lol
Thank Goodness for YOU! You awesome woman.....Have you ever thought about running for President of the USA....We need a smart intelligent woman as you are. Peace!!!!! Love, Teesha
Lori from Warren, Ohio wrote on April 25, 2023
I love your books from the very beginning when I was 12 years old. I couldn’t wait to get to the library and check out. Are you there? God it’s me, Margaret and Forever…. I watched your documentary on Prime. And I like what you said about women that we could have it all just not all at once.
I just want to touch briefly on the subject of abortion. It’s so difficult for me to think that the weakest among us, the ones that Count on us the most, which are also potentially women, we CAN discard them so easily.
I turn into a sap for babies. I’m so weak kneed when it comes to the pre-born. Some of those cells during conception are future women. They depend on us to give them a shot at life.
I error on the side of life.
Claudette GD from TULSA wrote on April 25, 2023
Dear Judy,
I watched the Forever documentary over the weekend, and it made my own history wash over me in alternating hot and cold waves. My very first Blume book was "Margaret" and I ordered it through a Scholastic book flyer around 1978, when I was in the fourth grade.
I'm a social work professor now, and I realized in watching Forever that part of why I teach what I do - and how - comes from what I learned from you and your writing. I'm old enough to remember the first censorship wars over your books, and now, seeing them revisited, I'm confronted by the truth that cowards will always try to censor the truths they don't wish to admit are real in the name of "protecting" children. The only thing that may be more real and true than your books is the authenticity and truth in the letters you've received over the decades from youths who have demonstrated they need adults who will be honest with them in their negotiations of truth and reality. It struck me, looking at the boxes and boxes of letters that you've had a hand in carefully archiving, that you are staring at decades of youths' loneliness that, if harnessed by the power of knowing they were not alone in the world, could be a force of empowerment for others and be a collective voice against the isolation that fuels so many youths' mental health crisis today.
I would not expect you to choose an easy retirement by any means, but it appears that you continue to be a necessary footsoldier in the battle for the truth (pardon the violent metaphor). Now, as a 53-year-old professor, I am as thankful for your work and your example as I was for your books when I was an awkward early-developing kid in small-town Michigan in the 1970s.
Thanks, Judy, for being unflinching in the face of both cowardice and the truth.
Claudette GD
University of Oklahoma
Carry from St Louis wrote on April 25, 2023
So I’m 32years old. Not a kid. Just watched the documentary. I absolutely love all Judy Blume. Always have and thank you for putting the documentary out.I’ll even get a JB tattoo. She’s the Mother of us all 💕
Leanne from Georgetown, Ontario wrote on April 25, 2023
I have a magical story to share about my copy of Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. When I was young we moved around a lot and I wasn’t able to keep a lot of my childhood possessions, even though I would have loved to. I grew up and moved to a new town and had children and that reignited a love of Children’s books in my heart so I went to a few charity secondhand book sales so I could rebuild my collection of Children’s books. I visited one book sale in the city I used to live in and saw a copy of Sheila the Great and I grabbed for it eagerly and bought it up, remembering it was one of my favourites. It wasn’t until I opened it at home that I realized it was the very same copy I had donated as a child, with my full name written inside!
Since that time, my children have listened to the Pain and the Great One, and particularly the Fudge books on repeat for years and years. The Fudge books are narrated by Judy so we feel like she is a part of our family.
Thank you Judy for making a reader out of me and my children. Now I’m a Children’s librarian and I get to share that joy of loving books with so many others.
You are my hero,
Michelle from Las Vegas, Nevada wrote on April 25, 2023
The only real positive memory of my mother, a middle school librarian, was how she encouraged me to read, and how special it was when she’d present me with your books. I’m almost 60 now, and she’s been estranged from me for over 40 years. Watching your story on Prime Video brought back all of the angst and heartache of our tumultuous mother-daughter relationship, but also reminded me of the fleeing moments of happiness I remember in a way that nothing else ever could. Thank you for reminding me why it’s ok to still admit to myself that I will always have love in my heart for her. ❤️
Julie from Dallas wrote on April 25, 2023
I always wanted to say thank you for writing Deenie. In 4th grade I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I wore a Boston brace for years. At age 29 I had to have surgery. I’m fused with rods and screws from T2 - L3. It has been 21 years since my surgery. I’m doing well other than having arthritis. I’m so glad that I read your book and I pray that others with scoliosis find it comforting. Many blessings to you!
Bridget from Woodside, NY wrote on April 25, 2023
Dear Ms. Blume,
Thank you for all of your amazing books which were a part of mine and my best friend Judy's preteen through teenage years. We lived your books and just cannot wait to see Are you Therre God It's Me Margaret. We used to go around with our close friends doing I must I must increase my bust. They never truly increased until later on in life but we had fun doing that.
In our latter teens, Judy and I bought a copy of your book Wifey and we read it a couple of times to be honest but we needed a safe place to stash it from our parents, so being the geniuses that we were we put it under her mattress. Remember how Saturday was a day when the house was cleaned? Well her mother discovered our book and quickly brought it to my mother's attention and that ended it for us. Luckily we had read it cover to cover a few times before getting caught.😀 🤦‍♀️Thanks for giving us such fun teenage memories! You will always be our favorite author as well as an icon to a pair of now middle aged girls from Queens, NY.
Best regards,
Tiffany from Manteno wrote on April 25, 2023
Dear Judy
My wife. Tiffany and now our daughter have read your books she thay just wanted to tell you how much your books ment to my 51 year old wife and our 13 year old daughter thank you
Love you my girls
margaret from Marysville wrote on April 25, 2023
Dear Judy,
I wrote this with tears in my eyes. I never knew we could write to you as a child. I read Are you there God it's me Margaret so many times I lave lost count. Your books were my salvation growing up. As I read and reread your books I felt you were the only adult who understood me.. I felt loved and cared for by you. I wish I could have written to you as a child.
With all that said I am beyond excited as a 57 year old woman to watch Are you there God it's me Margaret on Friday. I have informed my family I will not be reachable on Friday, April 28th from 12:30 until I get home. I am sure i will need some processing time after the movie as I did after every reading of your books.
Thank you for being here and sharing
Sandi from North Salt Lake wrote on April 25, 2023
Mrs Judy,
I am a 50 yr old woman, who grew up reading your books. Words can not express how much your stories have guided who I have become and what I belive. More importantly, your books have been with me through the truly dark, difficult times of my life. I was Deenie as a girl, with scoliosis and a brace, something that still causes issues in my life. Blubber hit home and Margaret was my favorite book for years. When I grew up you entertained me with Wifey. I just want you to know, that you still influence me today and you will always be one of my hero's. Thank you for being brave, thank you for being fierce, thank you for being you.
MB wrote on April 24, 2023
The View discusses how they are against censorship of books. They name a book that has been removed from schools and libraries and give the book to the audience. I hope they will give away one of your books.
Have a great day!
Kandie from Jerome Idaho wrote on April 24, 2023
Your work is so inspiring. I am so thankful for my 7th grade Librarian who gave me Are You There God It’s Me Margaret. I finally felt I wasn’t alone. I have read them all over and over in my over 50 years. You truly know how to connect with your readers. When I taught school my students loved your books and you even wrote to them. Thank you for being one of those people in my life that I truly looked up to. I love your work and I can’t wait to pick up your next book.
Never let them get you down. You are an icon to so very many. I love love love your work.
Donna from London, Ontario, Canada wrote on April 24, 2023
Hi Judy
I have loved your books since childhood and still have all of my old paperbacks (almost almost 50 years later). Watched your documentary Forever on the weekend and I just want to tell you how moving it was that you answered all of those letters from readers. What a truly special person you are. I read all of your books out loud to my kids (boys and girls) and they sparked some great conversations. Keep on keeping on! If Florida ever returns to normal I would love to visit your bookshop
Much respect and admiration
PS - I totally written to you as a young girl if I had known you actually read the letters but this will have to do ❤️

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