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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Diana K from Matamoras wrote on April 16, 2024
You inspire one of my 5th graders, Hazel Enjoy!
💜 The Best Book Writer In The Universe, Judy Blume 💜
A person who inspires me is Judy Blume because she is such a detailed writer and I LOVE her books. I believe she is a fantastic novelist and she is so creative with her ideas. I can relate to her books sometimes because they have this special and miraculous touch that makes you feel different{But in a good way}! She participated in many sorts of innovative activities such as piano and dance, I guess that’s where she got all of her gifted intelligence. I nearly read all of her books in one day because all of her books are so brilliant and original.
One reason Judy Blume inspires me is because a lot of her books are personal and fun to read. I think that her books are unreal and unbelievable and full of elements. My bookcase is full of sensational Judy Blume books. I’m always so excited when I go to the library and find eye-catching Judy Blume books that I haven’t read yet. I think Judy Blume is really personal with her books too, including,” Are You There God?” It’s Me Margaret because it’s about Margret’s exclusive life. I consider her a spectacular writer and has a mind of a genius.
Another reason Judy Blume inspires me is because she is because Judy Blume is NOT afraid to speak her mind. I think she is such a powerful woman with a lot of capability. I love her brilliance of speaking her mind and not being afraid of who she is, which I think is astonishing. I just can’t believe all of her accomplishments she has succeeded, it just blows me away like a balloon.
The last reason Judy Blume inspires me is because she can do anything! And when I say anything I mean anything and everything . Her books are insane and ludicrous. Her chimera is so big and full of awe that I probably would want to have when I’m older. I consider her as a fabulous writer and is full of inspiration.
That’s why Judy Blume inspires me because of her breathtaking books that have so much ingenuity. I appreciate everything about her and her motivation for her books. I hope she has many more to come.
Christine Farrow-Noble from Cambridge wrote on April 16, 2024
On a recent flight I saw the enlightening film "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." I was delighted to see Margaret and her friends experience many issues that I wrote about in my first published novel, "Marta's Mission." Do you have a consignment program at Books & Books? I learned about such an opportunity at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA. I'd like to participate at Books & Books with "Marta's Mission." Please advise about next steps. Thank you! Chris
Carolina Hermosillo from Pomona Ca wrote on April 16, 2024
Hi Judy,

It is an ABSOLUTE HONOR to write you this. I am 26 years old and I have read your books when I was in third grade. Almost two decades ago! Anyways. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your books because it opened my love for reading. Now that I am a mom I can’t wait to introduce my two little ones to your amazing books 📚 THANK YOU. 🙏
Kinsley Favor from Abilene wrote on April 11, 2024
Mrs. Blume,
I grew up hating my freckles, until my grandma bought me a special book written apparently just for me. Now that I'm an old lady looking back, they are what keeps my grandma alive in me. Even though she's gone, I still have the freckles she gave me and I wouldn't have it any other way. 💗
Brenda Lege from Livonia La wrote on April 9, 2024
Can you believe that I'm 63 and I love reading your books, I just finished reading deenie..Please keep writing..your friend Brenda
anna from dublin wrote on April 9, 2024
hello judy i love all of your books i have read so far are you there god its me margeret is my favourite book i have ever read at the minute i am reading just as long as we are toghether you are my inspiration i aspire to e as succsecful as you youare still putting smiles on young girls faces and you are 86 you are rolemodel to young girls
Hannah Brown from Jerusalem, Israel wrote on April 6, 2024
I am the movie critic for the Jerusalem Post, and I love your books and loved the movie, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?, which I put in first place on my list of the best movies from 2023. I like to tell people that when I was growing up, we didn’t have the Internet, but we had Judy Blume, and you answered so many of my questions and also helped me get through so many challenges – thanks for that! I published a novel, If I Could Tell You, about four mothers with children on the autism spectrum (I have a son who has autism), and I have written a novel for young adults, inspired by your books, called Your Everything, about a 15-year-old girl growing up in New York in 1977, the summer that Son of Sam ran wild, who is equally obsessed with Dostoevsky and Stevie Nicks. I’d love to send you these books, if you’d like. Thanks for reading this. All the best, Hannah Brown
Carrie R from Rapid City wrote on April 3, 2024
Hi, I just want to make sure you have heard this song written about you. Just in case you haven’t! Also, I loved your Master Class on writing!
Kathu from Pembroke Pinrs wrote on March 25, 2024
I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Blume on Saturday. What a wonderful person. I wanted to say thank you to her for allowing me an escape as an adolescent. Unfortunately, I became emotional and barely got any words out. She's allowed me a few hours a day of a different reality. She also is credited with my love of reading and encourage me to teach 4 and 5 year olds the enjoyment of reading.
D. A. Quinton from LaCenter, KY 42056 wrote on March 22, 2024
On April 28, 2023, inside our living room at 6:50 p.m., I caught a segment of the PBS NewsHour, an interview of Judy Blume, the author of several somewhat controversial children's books, who has been the subject of a number of stories and news items lately, partly because so many parents (who apparently want their children to grow up clueless and unable to question life or face reality) want to ban her books from school libraries. One thing they want to avoid is the mention of menstruation before the middle grades. ------ But what about little girls who, at the age of only nine years old, faced (as I did) that enormous life-changing challenge completely naive about it? My poor mother hadn't even considered that I might need to be warned about such a thing at so young an age, and I cried in utter dismay to hear from her that this inconvenient and painful plague would visit me monthly for the rest of my young life. Growing up with two younger brothers, and a male best friend next door, I was a dyed-in-the-wool tomboy. At the time, I had just learned to swim, and was terribly dismayed that I would have to miss out on swimming if ever it happened at the wrong time. After the initial scare, I did have a six-month respite, and the periods were never reliably regular during my teen years, so planning for them was virtually impossible. Lucky for me, they never happened during my eight summers when I got a series of five-day-long vacations at 4-H camp. Eventually I even learned to water-ski, and became an avid horseback rider and bicyclist. During high school, while on the first-ever girls' track team, I ran 880-yard longest event available. During college, both before I had a car and afterward, I rode everywhere on my bicycle. Today, after trying my hand at teaching, I became a cattle farmer--and still manage to stay a girl at heart. Keep up the good work Judy Blume.
Wesley from Florida wrote on March 18, 2024
Dear Judy,
My name is Wesley and I’m in third grade. My mom and I have been reading your books together.
I think your books are funny and excellent and they make me like reading. My favorite part of Superfudge is when he says rat-face to his teacher. In Fudge-O-Mania it cracks me up when Fudge says he wants to marry Shiela. You are a great author. I hope you write more books.
I had to write a letter to an author for school and I picked you because you are my favorite author.
Thank you,
sarah from portage wrote on March 18, 2024
Hello! I recently read your book superfudge to my daughter and we absolutely love it!
My only heartfelt future publishing of this book, would you consider removing the text that references the friend being "adopted" and therefore may be an alien.
That is very hurtful language to our dear community of adopted children that love your books.
With kindest regards, I hope you are able to understand! And welcome any further conversations around this topic.
A mother of 3 because of the gift of adoption
Penny Turner from La Valle wrote on March 17, 2024
Hi Judy,
I am visiting Key west in early April. My daughter-in-law is a major fan of yours! She asked me to stop by your store during my trip to see if I can get an autograph copy of one of your books. She said this would be the best treasured Christmas gift ever. Is this possible? Do you have autograph copies in your available in your store or possibly purchase one online?
Penny Turner
Felicia Cahoon from Falmouth, MA wrote on March 17, 2024
Hi Judy,
I have been a fan of your books since I read Blubber, when I was around 10 years old. I recently watched the Forever documentary and I loved it. You really are an amazing woman and you've made significant changes and impacted the lives of countless people, especially women. It has been quite some time since I've read your work and I look forward to reading all the great books you have written,over the years. In the documentary you mentioned that you and George had a home or would visit MV for 20+ years and I was curious if you still visit? I live on the mainland and I would love the chance to meet you.
Thank you for being you and making a difference in my life.
Erika Wittlieb from Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) wrote on March 14, 2024
Dear Judy: I simply can't describe enough how much your books meant to me throughout my childhood. I must have re-read each one at least a dozen times. You unwittingly inspired me to be a life-long reader, to the point that librarianship became my chosen career path.
Recently I watched your Amazon documentary, which was very moving and sweet...cementing my belief that you are a national treasure - not just in the U.S., but Canada as well!
I am so grateful for your talent, your compassion, and your generosity. Thank you a million times over for everything you've done to bring joy and understanding to the lives of children who may not have otherwise been able to find it.
Eric Hofstetter from Kettering wrote on March 10, 2024
Hello Judy!
I just wanted to write a quick note regarding my wife’s love of your work!
Her birthday is tomorrow (March 11th) and her gift is a weekend in Key West to visit your bookstore!
If you are at all able to take a moment and wish her a Happy Birthday… she would just explode!
Thank you for ALL you have done, and I thank you for your time!
Eric Hofstetter
Tomoko Hamabata from Tokyo wrote on March 8, 2024
Dear Judy
Here in Japan watching your documentary on Amazon, it reminded me of my first encounter with your books as a teenager in the 80s. I was an exchange student in New Zealand struggling with English. Your books made it so much easier for me to learn English, because it was so interesting!
I am also grateful to my host mother who introduced me to your books. I am just writing to say thank you! You certainly did a wonderful job in this corner of the planet!
With love,
R'Neta Hiebert from Foothill Ranch, CA wrote on March 8, 2024
I teach sixth grade, and every year (since 1990) I start my read-aloud stories with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I do this because it is one of my favorite memories from elementary school. My sixth grade teacher read it to us. We loved it, and we couldn't wait for the next chapter. My students always feel the same. There is so much for kids to relate to in your story. I just want to say thank you for making reading fun for me and for my students. My students always beg me to read the sequels!
A from Decatur, GA wrote on March 7, 2024
Dear Judy,
I got my now 8-year-old daughter a box set of your books last year.
Diane from Boston, MA wrote on March 6, 2024
Any chance you’ll write another book in the Fudge series? We just read all 5 & adore them. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Thank-you for all the joy you bring to this world!

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