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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Kathleen from Berea ohio wrote on August 29, 2023
Is there Judy Blume merchandise? I’m looking for a poster of the new over of Summer Sisters. Thanks Kathy Zacharyasz
Mark B from West Palm Beach wrote on August 28, 2023
Dear Ms Judy,
I will always be thankful for the fact that an author such as yourself gave your gift. I have such fond memories of the "Super Fudge" books. They helped contribute to my love of reading over the years. The 70's and 80's were a special time and as a kid in that era your books helped me. My friends and I enjoyed sharing your stories and I'm looking forward to sharing them with my daughter.
Gratefully yours,
Amanda Armstrong from Fishers wrote on August 28, 2023
Judy Bloom, thank you! I am 53, an English teacher, and I have been teaching a Women's Literature course for the last three years (though I have been a teacher for nearly 30 years). I was reacquainted with you and your work, after watching "Judy Bloom Forever". As a young girl, I read all of your books and it is how I fell in love with reading becasue I saw myself and my sisters in those pages.
I have decided to teach, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.Thank you! I cannot wait to begin discussions that were never discussed when I was their age. You are a significant part of women's education.
You and your writing are gifts!
Annie R from Glen Ellyn IL wrote on August 27, 2023
Dear, Judy Blme My name is Annie R and I'm 10 years old! I'm in 5th grade, and my birthday is January 30th. I have 3 dogs named Eli, Woody,and Enzo! I'm also a dancer at Deforest Dance Acadamy in Glen Ellyn. I love your books so much!I just started reading "ARE YOU THERE GOD? ITS ME MARGRET." And at school I'm reading " BLUBBER" .My Mom Karen was a very big fan of your books as a kid in the 90s. (P.S. she knows I'm writing to you!) And we both watched your documentary on TV, And it was amazing ! I'm so glad that I get to write to you! I love you Judy Blume❤️ Love,Annie R
Shea Coffey from London wrote on August 25, 2023
Hi Judy,
I manage an LGBT+ community radio station in the UK. We would love to do a short interview with you, our younger listeners as well as your older fans would love to hear your thoughts on the LGBT+ world.
I know you are busy but if you do have time to do a pre recorded interview I’m happy to work around your schedule.
Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties from Orange County, CA wrote on August 24, 2023
Hello Judy!
My name is Patty Corona and I am writing to you on behalf of Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties - we are such HUGE fans! Your work was such an inspiration to each of us here at Planned Parenthood growing up and helped mold us into the fierce feminists we grew up to become!
We would love the opportunity to chat with you soon for a possible speaking opportunity at an upcoming event we have early 2024. Please feel free to email us directly at if you are interested. We would absolutely love to host you and meet our supporters who are all also such lifelong fans here in sunny Orange County, CA. Hope to hear back from you soon!
Mrs. Donaldson's third grade class from Peachtree Corners, GA wrote on August 24, 2023
We love reading your books! We would like to ask, "What is your favorite movie and favorite book that you've written?" We really love your funny fiction books!! Keep writing!!
Mariah Melvin from Bridgeport wrote on August 22, 2023
JUDY BLUME!! Hi 🙂 I was born in the early 90’s and Im not sure why I never discovered your books growing up! I was an avid reader, I read a lot of Baby-Sitters club by Ann M.Martin. Had I picked up one of your books at the library I just know I wouldve loved you more (shhh). My 8 year old daughter and I watched “ Are you there God, It’s me Margaret “ we LOVED it. Right after I watched Judy Blume Forever and got to know you more as a person/author. You are amazing. I hope to visit your bookstore one day in Key west and meet you one day as well!!
Sharon L Tabuchi from Overland Park wrote on August 22, 2023
Watched Are You There God, It's Me Margarete last night. I loved it so much! Thank You Judy Blume!

Sharon Tabuchi
Innocence from Denver wrote on August 22, 2023
Dear Judy:
I’m 28 years old. I spend some time writing for a magazine, some time reading trivia questions at a bar, some time acting and some time playing songs I wrote. I have the best girlfriend on the planet. On paper I should be the happiest guy in the world. But I feel like an epic failure. I want to be a novelist like you. I have the Novel. I’ve been working on it since I was 17. But damned if I’m not scared to let anyone in my world see it. It could be so good. But there is that part of me that will always think anything I do is garbage.
I long for the day someone tells me I’m the male version of Judy Blume. But I’m scared. Not just that it won’t be good, but that it will be and I will still feel like a failure.
Did you ever feel like a failure?
Thank you for being you.
Belinda Henderson from Wonthaggi wrote on August 21, 2023
Dear Judy,
I have all of your books & I love them, so much.
However it distresses me that I cannot see the film version of "Are You There God, It's me Margaret". (insert sobbing here)
Truly! I live in rural Australia and whereas we have some local cinemas, none of them showed this film.
You've created an amazing catalogue of books (I still re-read Starring Sally J, for comfort) and I did manage to find the film of 'Tiger Eyes', on DVD, at the local library years ago.
I am sad I'm not able to see this. I do have Netflix down here, but that's no help.
I love you, but what a shame so many of your fans can't see the film adaptation of this.
Best to you
PS, Summer Sisters would make a brilliant film but I probably won't be able to see that either 😉
Lindsey from Clarksville, TN wrote on August 21, 2023
You’re rude and crude, depraved and lewd. You’re caught in the moral crunch. You’re vexed, perplexed, and oversexed. So when can we have lunch?
Please contact me, Judy. After many years I have never forgotten your words and your wisdom. I’d love to hear from you directly. Send me an email for a contact number.
C L Zelepuza from Atlanta wrote on August 17, 2023
Hi Ms. Judy,

I am so grateful that I had a library in my small, coastal town in Washington state growing up. (We have/had less than 2000 people in it.) I spent every summer going to the library and picking up your books. I believe you helped shape my not so great childhood into something better. Books gave me an escape. Thank you for writing and I aspire to create stories like you.
P.S. Let's continue to fight for the good of children. ♡♡♡
Holly Marie Phillippe from Lexington wrote on August 14, 2023
Hello Judy,
My name is Holly Phillippe and I am the Co-Chair & Organizer for the Imaginarium Convention & Expo held yearly in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I officially invite you to be the Imaginarium 2024 Guest of Honor. Please inform me of how we can make this work best for you. I would take care of your travel, lodging, vendor/signing table, award banquet ticket, and a stipend, which we can discuss.
The Imaginarium Convention, now in its 11th year, is a unique event for writers and storytellers of all genres, including filmmakers, game developers, artists, musicians, poets, cosplayers, and many other creatives, and their fans.

The convention features three days full of extensive panel and workshop programming, an expo, a film festival, live entertainment, literary and film awards, cosplay, and much more! The Imaginarium Convention hosts an inclusive and welcoming environment that enables networking, learning, professional opportunities, promotional opportunities, and other benefits to independent creatives.
A broad array of over 200 professional guests and panelists are featured in the programming, including authors, editors, publishers, filmmakers, screenwriters, game designers, comic creators, artists, actors, poets, and many other working creatives.
The Imaginarium Convention in 2024 will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Holiday Inn Louisville East, July 19-21.

We are not a comic con, so we are smaller and expect approximately 2,000 attendees, not counting the additional draw you would present.

Our mission is to provide networking and education within an inclusive atmosphere, with a bit of fun.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Holly Phillippe Co-Chair
Cody Connolly from Teringula wrote on August 11, 2023
Dear Judy bloom my favorite book of youres is tales of fourth grade nothing or double fudge. I apologize what you have done for this world I'm 29 years old and been book worm since the third grade. My question is as writer myself I write symbolic poetry with Shakespeare algorithm for epicsvand perform raunchy dead pan dry humor for stand up comedy. Are they're approaches that work for you in the past when you had an issue writing ? I noticed alcohol in moderation when in structure environment helps ideas flow but recently all could write is one liner dead pan jokes, incriminating events of myself. (Traditional) poetry wise nothing but I did retype entire bad news bears film with R rating approach r- rating has nothing to do with swearing cause curse words where substitute with slang curse words
Do you ever have book signings? If so I'd be astonished if I could have you're signature and picture taken since you're books turned me into avid reader during 1st grade if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been reading Jurassic Park Harry Potter Frankenstein Harris and me during the third grade
Cindy Ann from San Diego wrote on August 9, 2023
Hi Ms. Judy, It's been a long journey since I read my first book written by you in elementary school. I had no idea these books would be my saving grace through my dark, and lonely childhood. I was an 80's kid with two working parents, one military, and one with severe mental issues. I'd like to attribute my imagination to how you wrote your stories. I loved ones that allowed me to relate on so many levels as a kid. I'm now 44 and still remember all the stories, as they are a part of my childhood memories. I'm writing my first book now, very late, but better than never as your aspiring quotes carry me. It seems life's hardships worsened as I went into the military as a 19 year old girl, and now suffer from an array of traumas. I yearn for those simple days where your books took my mind to another place. I adore you as you are my mentor, an example of who I aspire to be like as I survive through life. Thank you for your precious stories, my lifeline still to this day.
All my heart,
Cindy Ann
USN Veteran
Rayna Parker from Newport News wrote on August 8, 2023

I manage a pediatric clinic on a military base in the Hampton Roads Area. I’m seeking authors, publishing companies, organizations, foundations, or people willing to donate books for military kids with disabilities and diverse backgrounds between the ages of 3 and 10. Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine since the age of four. My goal is to promote literacy comprehension skills and for the kids to relate to the characters in the book. All books will be greatly appreciated, but I would also
like children’s books that promote acceptance, self-confidence, family, and STEM topics. The plan is to give each child a book to take home after their appointment to build their library at home. Thank you.
Molly W from New York wrote on August 6, 2023
Dear Judy,
I just watched the documentary on television about you and your life and your pathway to becoming an author. I found it very inspiring. As a 50 (!!) year old adult, I can remember reading your books in the 80s with joy and glee. And I made sure to provide your books for my children. I just reread “Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret” and I have to say it brought back all the memories of growing up, being a preteen, getting my booklet and samples about menstruation, wondering if I was normal, and all the things that you perfectly put into words what girls today and yesterday and in the future might feel. I remembered being a preteen, going to parties, wondering when I would get my period, not understanding my parents, and all the things that are like for a preteen/early teen. You did such a beautiful job of speaking to us all, and I can’t thank you enough for being a voice of “I gotcha” when I needed at the most. It warms my heart to know your books are here for us all.
We love you Judy. Thank you. Really. Thank you.
Danni B. from Lebanon, Tennessee wrote on August 5, 2023
Dear Judy Blume,
I read several of your books when I was a kid, and loved each and every one of them.
My favorite was Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself, though sixteen years later, I'm not sure I could tell you why in my ten year old brain it was the best.
I grew up to be a librarian, and I recommend your books to as many kids as possible, and plan on doing some re-reading myself.
Thank you for being a large part of my childhood!
Ali Golchert from Sacramento wrote on August 4, 2023
Dear Judy,
I am a 33 year old woman who is just this year working through your books. I watched your documentary recently (3 times) and was inspired. When I was growing up my mom always encouraged reading as she was an English teacher and firm advocate for a stronger educational system. She is still an advocate but is since retired from teaching. She bought me "Margaret" as a child but I have to be honest, in the sea of books she brought home, I never got around to reading it. It is now currently sitting on my shelf as I finish some of your other works first. I think part of me avoided Margaret because I was having some doubts about religion, but I understand now that that's not what the book is about.
The main reason for my reaching out (aside from sending my vehement admiration) is that I have always dreamed of being a published author. Ever since I was about 7 years old. I went a different direction at the end of the day with my education because I didn't feel that I would be able to support myself. I now look at it as an opportunity to make writing my hobby that MAYBE could one day get me published. I no longer have the childhood view of "I can do anything"... as magical as those times were. I am realistic. But I am also hopeful and truly inspired by your style of writing. I just finished reading Smart Women and I just felt so much joy when I finished the final chapter. My very favorite books are books with unsatisfying endings. This isn't to say your books don't feel complete. They do. What I mean by that is that there is never a finality to your stories. I can feel the stories going past the last page and you never give us the "happily ever after". I LOVE that. It sparks so much creativity in me because I dream about where the characters and the stories have gone since you finished writing them. That is what I want to do in my writing. It seems so effortless coming from you, but I know it's not and it's truly a labor of love.
Any advice you can give me would be a gift. I admire you so much. I'm currently reading through the Fudge books and feeling my inner child smile. I would love to hear from you. I know you're a busy woman and I would hate to distract you from making further content for me to devour. Just know that I love what you do and who you are.
Happy writing, Ali

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