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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Sylvia D from Bounton Beach wrote on January 3, 2023
I am reading unlikely event.I was also a teenager in 1952. I graduated high school at Weequahic ..I also ate at6 the famous diner for cheese cake.
so I am enjoying your book tremendously. But what took me by surprise is yout mentioning my coustn Irving Zahler who perished with his famuly from the Feb 11 1952 crash when a fusulege fell into his apartment
In his house
Maureen L from Plymouth Tep wrote on December 27, 2022
Hello, Ms. Blume!

We are huge Fudge fans over here.

(I also loved Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, and so did my mom!)

Double Fudge is my son's favorite book. He asked me to request a new fudge book.

Thank you for all of the wonderful stories.


Roddy and his Mama
Michelle Ann from Woodside, Queens, NY wrote on December 23, 2022
Hi Judy! I read almost all of your books in the 1970's and 1980's. I loved them all! I am an older Mom of an 8 year old boy and this year for 3rd grade, I introduced him to the Fudge collection. We are up to Super Fudge and just took Fudgemania out of our local library today. He loves them! Your books are timeless!! Thank you so much!
Pepper C. from Long Beach, CA wrote on December 21, 2022
Dear Judy - my name is Pepper and I am 9 years old. I love your books! Fudge reminds me of my little brother except he didn’t swallow a turtle like in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.
I was wondering what Sheila’s sister Libby looks like? I picture her looking like an uglier Sheila from Sheila’s point of view.
Thank you for writing all these wonderful books!

Your friend,
Galen wrote on December 19, 2022
Hello Judy,

I’ve been a fan of your work since Superfudge, and I think you’re a wonderful author!

I have a question: What were some of your major inspirations for writing the Fudge series? What tupe of person do you think Fudge (the character) would be as an adult? And what would you consider to be your favorite book in the series?

Staci B from Franklinton wrote on December 19, 2022
I’m 54 years old. I began reading your books when I was in elementary school. They helped me so much. As a child, I was tall, Redheaded, frecklefaced and fair skinned. Of course I was bullied because of all these things. I had no friends. Books became my friends. I would read and get lost in the books. They kept me from being so lonely. Your books touched on difficult topics also. Topics I was too scared to ask my parents about. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful books. Thank you for being the phenomenonal writer that you are. Judy Blume was always a familiar name in my household. As soon as you had a new book out, off to the library we’d go!!
Thank you!!
With love and hugs,
Simon K from Carol Stream, IL wrote on December 18, 2022
Hello Judy,

My name is Simon and I am also an author too. I hope you will write another Fudge book someday.
Your work has inspired me so much that I write some children’s stories myself too.
anna from finley wrote on December 16, 2022
hi! i am a 12 year old girl in 6th grade and i love your books! my mom introduced my to them, and you are my favorite author! MY favorite book is "Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret."
Michele M from Lawrence, KS wrote on December 16, 2022
Could you PLEASE do a follow-up for Are You There, God. It’s Me, Margaret - only about peri-menopause? So many of us grew up with Margaret teaching us and this part of life is just as messed up and needing guidance. Please?
Easton C from Trussville wrote on December 15, 2022
If you are writing a new book I think it should be about Fudge again. I have read a lot of your books. I am in 4th grade .
Rickie from Shaller wrote on December 14, 2022
My husband and I are Godparents to my lifelong friend’s 10 year old son
Roman is classified as being on the autistic spectrum and, while we live 3,000 miles apart, my husband tutors Roman each Sunday.
Reading has always been a great struggle for him and not very enjoyable.
My husband is a retired elementary school teacher and principal and has tried to make reading more enjoyable.
We sent Roman a holiday package of books that he might like and are delighted to find out that Tales Of A Forth Grade Nothing is a breakthrough book which Roman is reading on his own This is the first book that has held his interest and will be a life changer.
Thank you for your talent and for being there for him and us.
I am hoping that you could write a hello to Roman as a holiday gift.
Your hello to him will be cherished and appreciated as you are a larger than life talent.
Thank you in advance.
P.S. Years ago when my husband was principal of Riverdale County School elementary division he and the students had the pleasure of meeting you when you were a guest speaker. Small and wonderful world.
Gleenobly Butterworth wrote on December 13, 2022
Dear Judy,
I was sharing a memory with my best friend about fun mother/daughter activities. She shared something that her and her daughter do together weekly and it reminded me of when I was a child and my mother and I would read together your book Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret. Thank you for inspiring me and making such a difference in my life through your novels. Your stories resonate with me over the years from childhood into adulthood. Loves! 🙂
Judi from New albany wrote on December 9, 2022
I loved your books growing up, they were fun to read and they helped me to keep reading as a kid. I now work at a school that does not have the sources to buy books. It is a small charter school in Columbus, Ohio and I would love them to be able to read your books.
Shelby S from Pottsboro, Texas wrote on December 7, 2022
Dearest Judy,

You were my favorite author growing up. "Are You There, God" was a book I desperately needed as an adolescent. I wonder if you would consider writing about Margaret's take on menopause? I could really use her unique perspective right now.

Many thanks and much love,
Shelby S
Juliana Fay T. from Silver Spring wrote on December 2, 2022
Hi Ms. Judy Blume

I’m a girl from a small city in Maryland. I have noticed that in my schools library we have so many books written by you!!! I read some of them and you are so talented. I would love to do a small short interview with you for my schools paper, or have you in a workshop done by my NJHS discussing your journey and books. Let me know by sending me an email whenever you get the chance!

Juliana Fay T.
Kaileigh Volker from Elizabeth, NJ wrote on December 1, 2022
Hi Judy!
My name is Kaileigh and I am currently a student at Penn State University! I am proud to be born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. I am currently raising money for Penn State THON, which is the largest student run philanthropy in the world. We work to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer and come together on a weekend in February for a 46 hour long dance marathon! If you feel inclined to donate, I can attach the link to my DonorDrive. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Rhyver W wrote on December 1, 2022
I Love her books! She wrote all of the good books I read! I am reading ''Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing'' it's one of the best books ever! I love her books and she still is a good writer.
May from Dublin wrote on November 30, 2022
Hello Judy,

I'm so glad I found a place where I could leave you a direct message. Your young adult books changed my life! I was somewhat a shy, introverted and bullied teenager and your books gave me an escape and showed me that I wasn't alone. I also think Forever was a very important book for my generation (I'm 46) and was also fantastic at setting boundaries within relationships - a book that was so much ahead of its time. Thank you for time you've taken to write your books, they are so much more than words on a page, but helped shape me as a person. Writing is my main passion and I can only hope I will get there one day, and with writers like you, I am very inspired. Take care 🙂
May, (originally from UK)
Asa from Lee's Summit wrote on November 24, 2022
My dad was pen-pals with you, he would really like to talk with you, Matt Perkins (I think it was 5 grade), but if you do respond, I can brag to my friends (not really).


P.S. think I deleted your 1st Email, so please could you try again? (It's a Christmas present for my dad.)
Adam Dorsay from San Jose wrote on November 22, 2022
Hello Judy,

I have been a fan of yours all my life. I am a psychologist in Silicon Valley and the host of a podcast called SuperPsyched. I would be deeply honored to interview you on the topic of censorship or anything that is truly alive for you.. My listening audience will love hearing from you!

Thank you for all you do, and all you have done.

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