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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Lisa from Bolivar wrote on January 15, 2023
I've been reading your books since I was in kindergarten. Mom would read some to me while I helped. I'm 52. I can't wait to see the movie. I practice that move and phrase over and over. Thank you for making me happy and many others
Hannah E. from Denham Springs wrote on January 15, 2023
Dear Mrs. Blume,
I love your books. I especially liked the two books about Stephanie, Rachel, and Alison. I was so sad when the two books ended. I really hope that maybe you can write another book about them, from Alison's point of view. But I do understand if you cannot. You are a wonderful author. I actually write stories, too, and I hope to be an author one day. Also, happy early birthday! Best of luck if you are still writing!
(P.S.I would love, love, love it if you could respond to me...)
Amy Clark healey from North Kingstown, ri wrote on January 14, 2023
Dear Judy Blume,
Decades belated, I want to thank you. For your characters, for your stories, for the lessons you gave, for the hours of enjoyment your books gave me me as a reader. I’ve read them all - as a preteen, teen, young adult and grown woman. And although many scenes have stayed with me, my favorite is from blubber. The mom running around getting dressed for work and dealing with pantyhose with runs and pants at the dry cleaner. I remember that scene often in my life today.

Thank you!
Amy Clark healey.
Brandy Johnson from Denville wrote on January 14, 2023
My book group of 50 year old women grew up reading your books. Are excited for your Are you there god it's me Margaret? Movie. Might even do that book as our April read....ever thought of a book on the menopausal time of life? We would all read! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow to the strong women we are today!xxoo📚❤️
Viviane from Martha’s Vineyard wrote on January 14, 2023
Hi Judy, I met you at your home on Martha’s Vineyard in 1998 when I was 13 and helping my aunt Vilma clean houses. We had moved from Brazil to the Vineyard in 1995 and I quickly learned English and fell in love with your books, it felt like the only girls I could relate to was the characters in your books, you were a lifesaver! We couldn’t afford to buy the books so I would spend hours at the Vineyard Haven library or Bunch of Grapes growing up. Imagine my dearest teen heart when I started connecting the dots as we cleaned your beautiful home and the I asked my aunt if the home owners name was Judy, she said yes, I cried. You were so kind, you took a picture with me, signed and gave me multiple books (I still have them!) I’m so thankful for that day. It really impacted me in a way I can’t explain, thank you so much. I haven’t written in a long time, but perhaps it’s not too late to start again. Your biggest fan, always and forever, Viviane.
Laurie Antonio from Niagara Falls, wrote on January 14, 2023
I wanted to send a shout out Ms Blume for your book Deenie. I was 13 years old and read this book with enthusiasm and learned so much ! Specifically about scoliosis. Unbeknownst to me I myself had it . I too was a curvy girl !! After reading this extraordinary book I talked to my mother who looked carefully at my back and realized that something wasn’t right. We visited our GP and then went to Sick children’s hospital where I had surgery and rods put along my spine . A 10 hour procedure, 6 months in a body cast and 3 months with a body brace. All as a budding teen . I would like to thank you Judy for this book and leading me to a life changing procedure. I am forever grateful for the information you wrote. I am now 60 years old and forever have the memory of reading , learning and discovering through the visions you imagined .
If at all possible could I have an autographed copy of Deenie? It would mean so much to me .

Forever Grateful : Laurie Antonio
Susan M from Ocoee wrote on January 13, 2023
I wanted to tell you how you came into my life. In 1977, my family experienced a tragedy. My brother who was 12 had a major heart attack and died. I was 11, and it was my birthday. I have a vivid memory of that day. A friend’s mother came to pay her respects. She handed me a gift bag. It contained several of your books including “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret?” I couldn’t put it down! Fast forward to now.. I am a second grade teacher and have been teaching for 33 years. I read your books every day to my students. In fact, you could hear s pin drop when I do! They especially love Fudgie! I read his part in a funny voice and they can’t get enough of it! When your books came to our Scholastic Book Fair, they raced to buy them all! So…. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You instilled a love for reading when my world was so very dark. I am so excited to see this wonderful book become a movie. It opens on my dad’s birthday. He passed several years ago so that date makes it all the more special. I don’t know if you will actually see this but you helped me during an unthinkable moment. Your books let me escape from the harsh reality that I was in at the time. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to tell you how I feel about you and your work. Sincerely, Susan Mattucci
Jeryl P from New Hartford wrote on January 12, 2023
Dear Judy,
I have thought about writing to you for many years. Your books have helped millions of kids not only fall in love with reading but navigate this crazy world we live in.

For me Judy Blume means so much more. 1969-1970’s ish Shackamaxon Country Club Scotch Plains New Jersey ! You Judy Blume were the first women I ever met that had a career I may have been 12 when I had my first conversation with you at the pool ! You changed everything for me that first day. I can be and do anything I want. I knew I didn’t want my Mother’s role (a stay at home Mom)
My parents Joan and Mickey Pine were wonderful parents, and they supported me throughout. Whether you remember my parents or not
Is unimportant I just wanted you to know your influence goes beyond your written words and the impact you have made on so many sometimes goes unrecognized. Sincerely, Jeryl Pine. (Now my 13 year old granddaughter is a Judy Blume fan ) Amazing !
Vicki F from Phoenix wrote on January 12, 2023
Happy birthday Judy! You are amazing and a true inspiration 🎂🥂❤️
Phyllis T wrote on January 12, 2023
When my daughter was young, I bought her the book “Are you there God? it’s me Margaret. She read it over and over. Now she has a daughter (5 months old) and I would like to give her the same book. Is there a way I can purchase a signed book for my new granddaughter? My daughter is a 6th grade teacher in an Appalachian school and deals with some of the same issues with her students and she references your book. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.
Kindra from Arvada, CO wrote on January 12, 2023
I watched the trailer for “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” this morning. I cried. I remember reading it in the 70s and how important it was to me at that time. I’m coming upon my 60th birthday, reminiscing about my life… I wonder, what would Margaret be praying at this point? …after a big part of that life has been lived, kids have grown and new things on the horizon?
Most of all, thank you for writing it. I can’t wait to watch it on the big screen.
Cheryl Cole from Bothell wrote on January 12, 2023
I am a first grade teacher in Seattle and we love reading your books! I just tried to get tickets to your premiere in Park City and they are sold out:( Any chance you have two extras for a teacher:)
Angela Z from Irvine,ca wrote on January 12, 2023
DEAR JUDY,I absolutely love your books.I am a VERY BIG FAN of yours.I am eight years old.What you wrote the books I love that you help me understand these problems like BLUBBER,ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD,IGGEI'S HOUSE,and more.I hope to read more books of yours!!

Madison S from Charleston, South Carolina wrote on January 12, 2023
Hi Judy, It's been a great time getting to know you as Im doing you for a baby boomer history influencer project. Im a 13-year-old journalist and was interested in getting to know you since you are an American writer. I really hope you receive this as well as you have a great time writing your new book. Can't wait and am currently working with my school to get your books in our library. Would love to get in contact to share my work and so I can tell my class I got to talk to you. 🙂
Fourth Grade Reading Class from Columbus wrote on January 11, 2023
Dear Mrs. Blume,
We really enjoyed reading Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. Our favorite character is Fudge. We really like the time when Fudge said "Eat it or wear it." Another chapter we liked was when Fudge tried to fly and lost his teeth. The class was impressed that there is a person pressing buttons in the elevator. It was funny how Peter had to show Fudge how to ride the Toddle Bike. Lastly, we felt very sorry for Peter when Fudge ate Dribble, poor Dribble. Are you writing any books right now? Do you have another Pet besides Mookie. We can't wait to see your next book.
Angela Vien from Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines wrote on January 11, 2023
Hello Judy! I’m in 10th grade and We love your Book “Are You there God? It’s Me, Margaret” and we will actually be defending it with a book report this February! We would appreciate it if you could share more thoughts on this book to include it to our research…Hoping that you can see this and hopingly contact me!! thank you and have a splendid day
Carolyn Clarke from Toronto wrote on January 11, 2023
Best of luck with Are You There God? It's Me Margaret movie releasing soon! Can't wait!

You've inspired, educated, and entertained so many throughout the years. My debut novel.. AND THEN THERE’S MARGARET...different Margaret of course, was a nod to you. Interview here and would love love love to have you on
Bonnie S from Malibu wrote on January 11, 2023
Judy, since "In the Unlikely Event" is historical fiction, I was taken aback when on page 305 you wrote about the production of "Peter Pan" and credited Leonard Bernstein as the guy who wrote both the lyrics and music. I found this jarring because in the 1955 stage musical version, my cousin, Carolyn Leigh, probably best known for "Young at Heart," and "The Best is Yet to Come" wrote the lyrics. I had no idea that Leonard Berstein had ever written a version of this play. All that aside, I am very much enjoying your book, despite still not being able to remember who all of the characters are. Such an interesting idea to wrap a story around such an interesting event.
Persephone M from Philadelphia wrote on January 9, 2023
Hi Judy!! My husband shared with me one of his best childhood memories. This was in school his teacher read to him Super Fudge. Is there at anytime you will be coming to Pennsylvania. We would love to see you !! Thank you !!
Melissa Moskauski from Clayton, North Carolina wrote on January 8, 2023
Hello Ms. Blume! As the school year progresses, we will soon be celebrating our 100th day. In honor of this event, I am hoping to receive 100 pieces of mail from all over! Every piece of mail that comes to our class will be read, numbered and hung up on our hallway bulletin board. The students love getting mail!! They love participating in our United States postcard exchange program and being pen pals with our fourth grade buddy class in Philadelphia. We talk about where each letter and postcard comes from and learn fun facts about the place.

It would be wonderful if we can receive mail from our favorite author! Please send us a little note, postcard or picture to wish us a happy 100th day to the address below. My students are huge fans and would be so starstruck to receive mail from them! Thanks so much!!♥️♥️

Melissa Moskauski
Riverwood Elementary School
108 Athletic Club Boulevard
Clayton, NC 27527

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Judy Blume
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Suzanne Gluck
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