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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Kinzey Schilling from Ashland wrote on October 12, 2022
Hi Judy

My name is Kinzey Schilling and I am a pre-service teacher at Ashland University in Ashland, OH. I am majoring in Primary Grades Education and really enjoy my literature courses and reading. I am placed in a Kindergarten classroom and was in Preschool last year. I am super involved on campus and provide different types of learning and professional development opportunities to other students on campus on several topics including a new one, and literature workshops.
Currently, I am completing a project for my literacy field and course- An Author and Book Study! The goal of this assignment is to learn more about published authors and different published books by them, we will discuss them in a presentation to our class. I chose you to be my researched author! My 4th-grade teacher loved your books and had us read Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing. I loved it!
I have been going through websites and other sources to learn more about you and your work as a writer and I am absolutely blown away by all the work you have published and everything I was able to learn during this presentation and assignment.
I wanted to email though because even though I have learned much about you from different websites, I would like to learn more about you, from you, to add to my presentation. I am so interested in learning more about your inspiration for your books and your process of writing. I know this is a super broad question but I just want to learn more! Would there be anything that you would want to share with students going into the field soon, as educators, related to reading or writing? We are a small class of 10 but we love to collaborate and discuss our work done for the course and I think it would be great to include a quote/information or something from you as an author in the discussion.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Jennifer Sipos from Denver, CO wrote on October 9, 2022
Hi Judy,
I have loved your books since childhood and found great joy rereading all of them with my own children. I have my first traditionally published picture book coming out next fall and am starting a young reader chapter book. My very first thought before starting was, “how would Judy write this?” Your work is so truthful and funny. I am so thankful for your example and hope to visit your bookstore in key west someday.
Penelope Tucker from New York wrote on October 7, 2022
I love your books and your humor
Fred Baker from East Lansing wrote on October 6, 2022
Life is a gradual series of revelation that occur over time…

I just listened to the Fresh Air and remembered how much I like you.❤️

You are so smart.

Keep doing it.
scarlett rogers from hendersonviile wrote on October 5, 2022
hi my name is scarlett r i am in 4th grade i have to write a essay about tailes of a fourth grade nothing witch is by you but
im at school so by
Fib Green wrote on October 3, 2022
Hello! I am a fourth grader and I'd just like to say I love your work so much and the first book I read from you was 'Freckle Juice'. It is very funny and entertaining. Thanks for making me laugh so many times!

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Michael Mace from New York wrote on September 27, 2022
Hello Judy
A recent AARP Magazine brought you back to my mind. Your photo reminded me of you at Hamilton and of the three plane crashs, one very near the school. When I was in 6th grade (as Michel Cohen) you were in 9th. You were either in my cousin Richard Cohen’s class or one later. Dr. Sussman’s daughter Who became the famous writer. Wonderful. I’ve spent my life in the theater, MFA Catholic Univ., and as an impresario repping opera singers and pianists. In semi-retirement at almost 82
I’m working in healthcare as a companion for folks in early stages of dementia.
So happy for your success and I’m sending this to my 3 sisters.
God Bless You,
Warmly, Michael Mace
Rose from New York wrote on September 22, 2022
My daughter has dyslexia and it is lovely to see how excited she is about your books and how much she loves reading them. They made a big impact on me too as a child. Thanks so much
Leah from New York wrote on September 21, 2022
To Judy
Hi my name is Leah and I have a question for you, can you make more tales of a 4th grade nothing?
Anthony from New york wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi I really like your books.My favorite book is tales of the fourth grade nothing is peter in
another book of the fudge series

Jayce from new york wrote on September 21, 2022
The tales of a fourth grade nothing was so crazy how did fuge/aka farley eat dribble please have more.
Khaleesi from New York wrote on September 21, 2022
I love your books there are so funny and nice.I always wanna meet you since I read a book of yours.You look so pretty and your books are so good and Entertaining .Your books are actually the best ones I'v ever read before.To:JUDY BLUME
SARA wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi it is me again I'm so excited to be texting you I'm never to be texting you
Edward wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi my name is Edward I loved the book Tales of a fourth grade nothing
abish from nort babylon wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi my name is abish i love your books i hope you rply have a good day i am so happy i can send you a emal by
Jayden from North Babylon, New York wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi. My name is Jayden. I would like to know how you make these awesome books and how to become a writer.
joshua from town wrote on September 21, 2022
i like your book tales of a four grade noting your books are so cool btw my name joshua hi hope you have a great day byeeee 🙂
Sophia wrote on September 21, 2022
I love tales of a fourth grade nothing. The fuge series is awesome! I need more books about fuge!!!!!!!!
SARA wrote on September 21, 2022
Hi I'm Sara I love your book tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing
Tyler wrote on September 21, 2022

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