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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Dena K from Redmond, WA (originally, West Orange) wrote on November 18, 2022
Dear Judy,
Every year, around Thanksgiving, I give my middle school students the assignment to thank their favorite author. When I think back to when I was their age, you were my favorite. You taught me how to be a teenage girl as much as, or maybe more than, my own mother. You helped me get through friend drama with Forever and family drama with It's Not the End of the World. I kept my first diary because of you. I know I would not have become the teacher, mother, and person I am today without your books. My sincerest gratitude!
Samantha R from New York wrote on November 17, 2022
Hi Judy. It's me again. One more question. Why does Fudge never get spanked?? He 100% should be more often. And Peter should whack him too. Also, why can't Tootsie get sick? For a week at least? And then it can be Fudge's turn to feel what Peter felt when Fudge ate Dribble.
P.S. Thier mother is the ugliest mother I have ever come across.
Samantha R from New York wrote on November 17, 2022
Hi Judy. I hope you don't mind me using my stepmom's email address. I have a question for you. Why do you allow Peter's parent's to be so mean to him in The Fudge Books?? And why don't you write another Fudge book? I'd be the first one to get it. I love all the characters in your books, and I am planning in being an author too. The Fudge Books are my fav. And if there could be a bit more drama in your books I'd love it.
P.S. please call me Sam!! I can't wait for you answer!!
Elizabeth Giron from Scottsdale wrote on November 16, 2022
We have question, in SuperFudge why do you reveal Santa being only an idea? We have enjoyed believing in Santa together as a family as well as the spirit of Christmas. I would have preferred to have a warning or acknowledgment before you “ruined my daughter’s childhood” as she put it. We definitely think in 4th grade you have another good year left before they find out about Santa. I look forward to your response.
Mercedes from Spanish Fork wrote on November 15, 2022
My class is doing a wax museum.(BTW that's where each student gets to pick a person to dress up like and give a speech as if they were that person) At first I didn't know who to do. I really wanted to be Sally Ride but my friend got to it first. My mom REALLY wanted me to pick you. I was a bit hesitant at first, but when I learned more about you I was like: YES! Just so you know you are so inspiring to so many people!

Sincerely, Mercedes, age 11
Lisa s. from Santa Barbara wrote on November 4, 2022
I am writing, from on my front porch overlooking the Santa Barbara coastline( this in itself is a miracle!) to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank YOU!
I am fifty- five years old, and because of your book,”Hey God, it’s me Margaret…” I learned as a child how to talk to God like a best friend.
Twenty years ago, I became a broke single mom when my ex became a paraplegic just months after our divorce. But through talking to God and listening for his answers he lead me on a path that can only be described as miraculous.
But I have to admit, it wasn’t until this week when my 25 year-old daughter who lives in New York finally called me saying she hit rock bottom and was on her knees saying,”mom, do you remember that book you used to read me,’Hey God it’s me Margaret? I finally got on my knees and said,”hey God it’s me, Tarah?”
PRAISE GOD ! I don’t know if you have a faith in God but I do know your story has led to believing and having childlike faith and listening to as I like to call it THE WHISPER WITHIN, which is the name of my blog.
Wherever you are, may you know YOU have made a difference in the world and isn’t that we are supposed to do, use our talents for the greater good?
Your writing made me a curious and contagiously passionate reader at eight.
Blessing to you, dear sweet Judy Blume !!!
Much love ,
Lisa A. S.
Thushanthi Ponweera from Sri Lanka wrote on November 3, 2022
Dear Judy,

I grew up reading your books and have saved them for my kids to read when they're old enough too! My debut MG novel-in-verse set in 1990s Sri Lanka will be published next year by Holiday House, and I was wondering if you could read it and decide if you want to offer a blurb? It would be surreal for me!

Thank you,
Joni M from Rickreall wrote on November 3, 2022
Just finished In the unlikely event.. oh my goodness I loved it! Thank you. Didn’t realize it was true about the planes crashing! How awful! So glad you were able to tell the story. I’ve enjoyed your other books as well. That was my 59 th book read this year 😊! Sincerely, Joni
Meera Rayne S from RedCreek wrote on October 27, 2022
Judy Blume,you are an amazing author😍.I love your books and I hope I will someday get to meat you.My mom is going to get my more of your books I already have The one in the middle is the green kangroo.In school I have read Cool Zone with the Pain and the Greatone.And Ive also read Friend or Fiend.You are the best.
Kylie.s from Red creek wrote on October 27, 2022
I really want to meat you some day because you are a good writer and I have read 3 books they are really good right now I'm reading super fudge ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Rorey christoper F from Red Creek wrote on October 27, 2022
hi i like your books because they are funny cool and awesome and i'm wondering what is your favorite book that you have wrote because mine is cool zone with the great one and the pain Have a wonderful Halloween.
jack s from red creek wrote on October 27, 2022
Hi Judy Blume i love your books cool zone is my favorite book all time we have been reading your books in class soupy saturdays is also a really good book🙂 i hope you write back to me🙂
Bryce D from Red Creek wrote on October 27, 2022
Hi I like reading your books they can be very interesting And I wont to make books like you. I hope I will get to get to read more of your books.
Willow Sky P from Red Creek wrote on October 27, 2022
Hi your books are awesome i would like if you made a book of the pain and the great one adopting a cat or a dog or even both can you say yes or no please i hope this book will be published thank you.😊Its close to my birthday its on october 31st so this will be my present from you to me thank you.Have A good Halloween 🎃🎃.
mason alnutt from Red Creek wrote on October 27, 2022
hi judy blume i really love your pain and the great one books and you have inspired me to write more and i apritiate that so please keep writing more books
Isabelle from Cayman wrote on October 26, 2022
Hello Judy Blume! I love your books, I am ten and have read all the fudge books and iggies house, I am writtting to you to talk about a typo i found in your book. In its not the end of the world on page 129 it says good-by not good-bye sorry to correct you and love your books best wishes bye
Madison from Rhome wrote on October 19, 2022
Me and my grandma are wondering if you could think about making a movie for (are you there God is me Margaret) I am nine and I think this would be an amazing movie 🎬 for girls
Ms. Raham, Kennedi, and Kelvin from Nashville, TN wrote on October 18, 2022
Dear Ms. Blume,
We love your books so much. We want you to make another one with Fudge, Peter, Tootsie, Turtle, Uncle Feathers, Mom, and Dad. Thank you! We love your books.
Barbara Perez from Key West wrote on October 17, 2022
Hi Judy,
I don't know if you remember me, I stopped in to apply for a job right b4 covid. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, that you were in my cross word puzzle today.
Have a beautiful day.
India Knipe from Brighton, England, UK wrote on October 17, 2022
I think it’s really incredible that you wrote about all those things back in the 70s, and didn’t back down when people tried to censor you. My mum (b.1958) gave me one of your books to read when I (b.2002) was fourteen, and I really loved it. I think you’re a really important person in feminist history!

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