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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Brody wrote on September 2, 2022
Hi Judy I just want to say I love your books.And definitely The pain, and the great one.That one is my favorite.And I guess Im the pain because I'm the youngest so.And your books are so good and keep up that hared work by✋.
Lucy wrote on September 2, 2022
Dear Judy Blume i love ur book the pain and the great one it's awesome.From lucy
Izabella diaz wrote on September 2, 2022
I love your books and and my favorite book is ”the pain and the great one" that one is my absolute favorite book
Myrna Watkins from Wellesley wrote on September 1, 2022
Just received my AARP magazine. Of course the first article I read was the A List. I hope you feel as well as you look! I’ve been thinking of you frequently. My blood boils whenever I read about the contemporary book bans. The whole gestalt is so wrong.
I’m glad George is doing well. I can’t wait to see “Are you there God?” 50 years! You should be very proud!
Much love, Kiddo!
P.S., I, too, started tap dancing at 50! A socially acceptable way to stamp my feet.
Alexandra from Ohio wrote on August 31, 2022
Yeah! Make one of Fudge going into 1 grade!!🤯That will be mind blowing!
Rosie from Cincinnati wrote on August 30, 2022
What are your kids names?
Elia wrote on August 27, 2022
Can you please write more Fudge books?l love your books because they’re so funny!
Michael Gatton from Spring Hill wrote on August 25, 2022
Hi there! I'm sitting here wrapping up a box set of your books for my nephew who just discovered Fourth Grade Nothing this summer. My wife and I don't have kids of our own, but it's important to me that some of the next generation learns how to handle big feelings through your books the way I did, and I'm grateful to be able to pass that to him. I still read Then Again, Maybe I Won't every year on your birthday. I think he's a little too young for that one, but maybe I'll be writing you back in a couple years to let you know how he liked it. Then again...
Ursula Jade Chanshi from Phoenix, AZ wrote on August 22, 2022
Ur books are great and i love memes. fudge is like a meme. but i dont like fudge. you are still a great writer. uwu. owo. express yourself. i believe in you.
The Howland-Feller Family from Elmore, OH wrote on August 20, 2022
Our family adores your Fudge series! We started out the summer reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing since the twins are going into fourth grade and it just took off from there! We read all of them this summer! We took turns reading chapters on long car rides, sitting on the porch, and even on vacation! I've never seen the girls so excited about reading. As soon as we would finish they would go to the library to request the next one! We are so sad that we have read them all! Wishing you all the best and thank you so much for these sweet summer memories.
Ezekiel from Modesto wrote on August 19, 2022
Dear Judy Blume I have been reading your book fudge a mania some of my favorite parts are that uncle feathers really funny and I love fudge he’s funny a troublemaker but reading it is very funny and I love Peter he is annoyed by fudge but mostly everyone he is and I think it is funny that fudge wants to marry sheila and that Peter is hates sheila and hates that he has to be neighbors with her for a week anyways hope you get this love your books bye.
Alexis Jalovick from Johns Creek wrote on August 17, 2022
I am a teacher of a third grade class at Mount Pisgah Christian School in Johns Creek, Georgia. We love your books and we just finished The Pain and the Great One. It was a great story and we think you have an amazing imagination! We hope to read more of your books this year. Thank you for publishing books for us to read!
Eunice Nwaedo Peter from Asaba, Nigeria wrote on August 4, 2022
Thanks so much for not keeping your gift of writing to yourself. You are an awesome writer. Your books takes me down memory lane. Their simplicity and sincerity makes me laugh. Anytime I want to release tension and stress, I turn to your books. Your books has served as one of the motivating factors in writing children fiction.
I do hope to meet you one day soon.
Many thanks 👍. God bless you 🙏
Traci E. Langston from Phoenix wrote on August 3, 2022
Thank you for all the wonderful books that filled my childhood. Thank you for making me feel okay for being who I was. Thank you for inspiring me to write for both children and adults. I am excited to see my books read around the world. Please know you played a part in that success. Thank you!
Webmaster from Key West FL wrote on July 26, 2022
Our old guest book was lost in a computer upgrade. Be among the first entries in this new book.
Hope to hear from you.

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