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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Violet Johnson from Lithia Springs wrote on February 19, 2024
Judy Blume You and me together forever and ever.!!!
Hailey from Wellsville wrote on February 18, 2024
I love your books and sometimes my parents have to take the books away because I always read them and I love you so much!
Jill Thornton from Gatlinburg wrote on February 16, 2024
I just wanted to let you know I am 51 and I have loved your book since I was in my early teens if not younger. My favorite is Summer Sisters. I would love an autographed book. It would be a dream come true. If not I understand. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for sharing your talent.
thomas from zansvile wrote on February 16, 2024
can i plese be in one of your books
Ella from Zanesville wrote on February 15, 2024
Judy blume's books are funny, and that's all I'll say.
Malka Berndt from Lexington, MA wrote on February 11, 2024
Dear Ms. Blume,
I am a 51 year old mother with an 18 year-old daughter. I recently watched the new movie adaptation (and the special features!) of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” My daughter was (is) away at college for her Freshman year, so I will have to watch it again with her. I thought the movie was wonderful. So much of how I imagined it from when I read it as a pre-teen and reread it when my daughter was that age. Just as relevant now as it was then.
However, this letter is not so much about the movie as the book itself and its enduring power and legacy. After watching the movie, I decided to pull out my old (1978 Dell Yearling edition), much-loved, and much-read copy. Upon opening it for the first time in many years, I was greeted by the inscription:

Dear Malka,
I heard about this book before you were born and I wrote down the name, hoping that someday I would have my very own girl to buy one for.
Enjoy it.
With love,
Grandma Edith

I was born in 1972. My maternal grandmother must have seen an article about it when it first came out in 1970. My parents had only been married a few short years (1966) and had been trying to have a child. I finally came along as not only their first child, but the first grandchild for my grandparents. Your book made such an impact that my grandmother held onto that title for 10 years, waiting on a hope, and then a promise. My grandmother passed away when I was pregnant with my daughter. While my grandmother never got to meet my daughter, she did know I was having a girl and was thrilled beyond belief. My daughter Edie is named for her.
I am crying as I write this. For the beauty of your words, the memory of my grandmother, the joy of watching my own daughter growing up, and the desire that, someday, I too may have a granddaughter to pass this book onto. Because its words and message are timeless.
Malka Berndt
Julie from Deerfield wrote on February 10, 2024
I have my first activity dementia activity group Monday morning. I am scared to death. What would be a good way to interact about your books with them.

Help !!!!!!

Lucy Stephenson from England wrote on February 10, 2024
Hi Judy,
Well here I am... in 1996 as a 13 year old I started reading your books, I was hooked, any birthday or Christmas money I got I spent on your books then as an adult I read Summer sisters and I read it again and again. Here I am now as a fully fledged adult reading In the unlikely event. And I'm absolutely hooked, I feel so invested in the characters, I can't wait to see how it all goes. I struggle to read alot of fiction as I have a short attention span and find if I don't click with the characters it's hard to get into it...but I've never had that issue with your books, with yours Im fully invested, I feel like the characters are friends, I never want the novels to end. I can't thank you enough. I hope this message reaches you. From Lucy in Norfolk, England. 🙂
Cora from Oklahoma City wrote on February 10, 2024
Hi Judy! Me and my friend have a book club at school and were reading Are you there god, It's me margaret!
Estella from Edmonton AB wrote on February 10, 2024
Hi Judy I love reading your books they are such an inspiration to young girls like me I love so many of them like are you there god it’s me margaret blubber and tales of a fourth grade nothing

From Estella
A staff member of Autauga Prattville Public Library from Prattville, Alabama wrote on February 9, 2024
I'm a staff member of Autauga Prattville Public Library in Prattville, Alabama. My library, like many others, has been dealing with problems related to censorship for a year now. Your book Forever was one of the 48 books challenged at our library, and I am part of the committee to review whether its placement (YA recommended for teens) is appropriate. Our committee has not yet had the chance to meet. However, yesterday our board, which was recently replaced almost fully with individuals who are pro-censorship, decided to enact policies and procedures which will remove all "material advertised for consumers ages 17 and under which contain content including, but not limited to, obscenity, sexual conduct, sexual intercourse, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender discordance". I am considering recusing myself from my committees that have not met, including Forever, because I feel I cannot render a decision that is unbiased based on these new policies. The board also decided that we should "affix a red warning label prominently on the binding of any book or other material in the library's collection including, but not limited to, obscenity, sexual conduct, sexual intercourse, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender discordance and advertised for consumers 18 or older" and that minors will not be permitted to check out any materials labeled with a red warning label.

We have had some success fostering a community which has been advocating for intellectual freedom, but to be honest the censors have been winning. I'm writing as a concerned citizen although my ties to the issue are very close and obvious. We haven't had much success with getting anyone outside of our local circle to see what's going on. My hope is that if we could just get people to notice what's going on it would help.
Thank you for your time,
A concerned staff member of Autauga Prattville Public Library
hfyfiugtiy from albany wrote on February 9, 2024
Sandra Lee Stevens from Port Townsend wrote on February 7, 2024
Hello, we are asking for your support. We realize you receive a lot of requests for help, but we hope you will consider this one in particular. We are in the midst of organizing an auction of author- autographed books as a fundraiser for our 40th Anniversary Celebration, and we hope you will consider donating an autographed book or books for our campaign.
As our 2023-2024 year-end fundraiser and final anniversary event, we expect to auction these books this spring to raise funds for much needed projects, such as our scholarship program, upgrading some of our infrastructure, and finishing a small open-air theater on site. We are hoping to collect donated copies of author-autographed books, while trying to include many of our students and community’s favorite authors and genres.
Swan School is an independent, non-profit, Pre-K to 5 school, serving the greater community of Port Townsend, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula for the last 40 years. We are a small school with an incredibly committed, creative, caring bunch of students, staff, and community.
During the 2021-2022 pandemic school year we kept our doors open offering full-day schooling 5 days a week by keeping our classes outdoors, fully masked and distanced, on campus with lots of layers, hot tea, fire pits, love, and dedication. Swan School never closed its doors, working hard to support not only our students’ educational needs, but also the emotional constancy of our entire community.
The pandemic was tough on small institutions like ours and we are still recovering. Swan School works hard to keep tuition low and offers financial assistance to as many families each year as we can; however, we also rely heavily on tuition as our main source of revenue income, and depend on volunteers and our own staff to keep things repaired and running.
We are hoping you will consider helping us out by sending us an autographed book(s) ☺. The children are so excited to see what books come in and start writing thank you letters!

Please send books by May 15, 2024, to:
Sandra Stevens
℅ Swan School
2345 Kuhn Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sincerely, Sandra Stevens
Swan School, Fundraising Chairperson
Ky'Leigh from Schenectady, NY wrote on February 6, 2024
I read Tales of a Fourth Great Nothing and I read Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.I like the book Otherwise Known Sheila the Great because Sheila and her family go on a summer vacation and Sheila has to face a lot of her fears.I also like the book Sheila better because it is
interesting like how Sheila has to take a swimming lessons and has to take a test.Also I like the book Sheila because she has a friend named Mouse and Mouse is a really nice friend.Sheila does lie but she is also really nice and she only lies because she is afraid they will laugh at her because of what she is afraid of.
That is why I like the book Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.
Dylan from Seoul wrote on February 6, 2024
Mrs. Judy Blume
Hello. My name is Dylan who is 6 years old boy in South Korea and I am writing you a note to say Thank you for giving me a chance reading such an interesting story. Recently I read "Freckle Juice" and Andrew made me realize I should be happy with the way who I am. I am going to hold Show and Tell about my favorite book,Freckle Juice, and author,YOU,tomorrow at my school. I am also excited to introduce my own recipe Freckle Juice to my class! I hope they would like it.
Brandi L from Tulsa wrote on February 3, 2024
I read Margaret in 1977 when i was in 6th grade. I never really fit in with other boys, but I connected with the character in such a powerful way! (It wasnt just Margaret, but also Meg from A Wrinkle in Time and Princess Ozma, among others.)
Because of the time and place I grew up in, I struggled to know what to do with those feelings. It took me 43 years to admit to myself that I was a girl inside but in 2020 I finally could!
Last year when the movie adaptation of Margaret was released my wife and I went to see it and it brought back so many memories!
Thank you for allowing me to look at "the other side" and see myself there!
colin from schenectady,new york wrote on February 2, 2024
this week my class read sheila the great and tales of the fourth grade nothing. in my opinion i think sheila was the are 3 reasons why sheila was the best.reason one i think sheila was more entertaining and had more action.reason two sheila the great was better because i like scary books and sheila was kinda scary like when mouse told sheila about the headless horseman that was funny.last reason sheila was the best is because sheila made me lol sheila the great was so funny. that is why sheila is better than fourth grade nothing
Felice Schulaner from SARASOTA wrote on February 2, 2024
I hope you are well. I reached out last year to inquire if you/Judy might be open to speaking at the Ruth's List conference. We are having another one in Miami on May 18th. We are fighting to take back Florida to protect reproductive rights, stop book bans, protect education-your causes. Might you consider it?
Warm regards, Felice Schulaner, Ruth's List FL.
joe from new york wrote on February 2, 2024
are you 86 or 85 year old
Elizabeth S. Hunt from Westbury wrote on February 2, 2024
Dearest Judy,
I finished your lessons on Masterclass. You made smile, laugh, and cry. Your transparency and passion was a blessing to witness. Thank you for your wisdom and wealth of knowledge on writing. I'm inspired. If I ever make it to Key West, I will visit the store. Enjoy the voices in your head and your infinite imagination! -Elizabeth

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