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Judy says: Thank you, thank you for all your wonderful notes. I only wish I could write back to each of you personally. But in order to start a new book I need serious thinking time, which means less time for e-mail. Hope you understand.
Just want you to know that my assistant and I read this guestbook every day, and try to respond when appropriate. Your continued love and support are a constant inspiration.

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Sam from UK wrote on June 26, 2024
This is the silliest thing to say in your guest book, but here goes!
Your MasterClass is so enjoyable; I was truly sad to finish it. You were so informative, but I also enjoyed listening to you speak with such warmth and affection about everyone and everything. I got such a sense of what a lovely person you are, a bit like finding a friend you didn't know you had. We should all be more Judy.

Best of luck with your book shop; it sounds like heaven!

Stacey from Corpus Christi wrote on June 23, 2024
I just wanted to thank you for creating a love of reading my life. I have had a very turbulent life and reading your books was my only escape. I am now a teacher and I read your books to my students a little each day and they too love them. I hope they find the joy I have in your storytelling. Thank you again so much for pouring your heart into your writing and providing untold numbers of kids and adults an escape from a sometimes tough life. If there is a way to purchase an autographed book could I possibly be given info on how to order? Anyway, thank you again and sending so much love to you❤️Stacey
Sarah from Surbiton wrote on June 17, 2024
Dear Judy
My favourite book of yours is and will always be Just as long as we are together. I adore it. I’m 38 now and just finished reading it to my 8 year old. She said she’d love a book from Alison’s perspective, as Alison is just so cool! She wants to know if alison really liked Rachel or wanted Stephanie to herself. So full of questions 🙂
And so would I love a prequel Will you ever write one do you think?
Then you for taking the time to read this x
KC from Detroit MI wrote on June 17, 2024
Hello Judy Blume, Just wondering where you got the inspiration or name for the "Garber family", their 3 children in 1970 Iggies House, and book cover, this book came up while I was researching the 1967 Detroit riots, I couldn't find anything regarding the Trailblazer magazine before you published the book. I grew up here due to my father's occupation as a police officer, thx
Say wrote on June 16, 2024
Dear Ms. Judy,
I have heard a lot about you, and I'm very thankful that you've written these books for us. I am angry at you for making me cry when I read Are you there God? It's me, Margaret, but I am glad that I could see myself in it. I realized that I sounded just like Margaret whenever I prayed, and it made me cry. Right now I am in a new country, and I am learning the language from scratch, I have to transfer to a new school. I have had my first heartbreak, and I am scared about what's gonna happen next. But I trust in God that he'll take care of me. Thank you Ms. Judy.
McCormick Amy from West Palm Beach wrote on June 15, 2024
hello there, Judy!! I am part of a seven person book club in West Palm Beach with a group of ladies and we are looking to come to Key West in November 2024 wondering if you are available for a meet up as we would be honored to meet you please let me know! We grew up with your books and are incredibly excited at the opportunity to possibly meet ! Can we buy you dinner !???

Thank you
Joan Jordan from Warwick wrote on June 13, 2024
Hello Judy and all fans,

I have written a children’s fiction book that I could use some direction with getting it published. I also need an illustrator.

Judy Goldwyn from Milford, CT wrote on June 13, 2024
Several months ago I saw an interview with you during which. you said that, as a child of the 50s (as am I) you were told "We don't talk about our feelings." That quote found a home in my brain; it explained everything.
I am a memoir writer, now writing my own memoir at the request of my two adult grandsons. "We don't talk about our feelings" is the antithesis of who I am now, but it has a hand in my private evolution into the person I am now.
I have read and enjoyed several of your books, for which I thank you. But my eternal gratitude goes to you for helping me see who I am as opposed to who I was. Things could have been different, but they weren't. Oh yes we DO talk about our feelings.
Erica from Kannapolis, NC wrote on June 7, 2024
I loved reading your books as a teenager - I grew up reading books like "Superfudge," "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great," and "Are You there God, It's Me Margaret." It's so refreshing to see someone still so active as a writer and activist even in their older years.
Heidi Siemer from Brisbane wrote on June 3, 2024
Dear Judy,
I loved Are you there God when I was a young girl, and I am re reading it now at 50 as a perimenopausal woman.
I thought how wonderful it would be to read a new novel about grown up Margaret and how she navigated menopause!
Tanya from Yorkville wrote on May 30, 2024
Hi Judy Blume,

I love you! I loved your books it helped me escape my neglectful and abusive childhood.
My 3rd grade teacher had your books this was the 80s and your books were banned but my teacher was a rebel.
I loved her for this. Thank you for being a Rebel.
Henry from Eden Prairie MN wrote on May 30, 2024

I loved your books as a kid. I haven’t read one since about 1980 when I was 12, but they were so memorable. U really captured the life of a kid in the 1970’s trying to figure out the sexual revolution of our older generations. Your books were loved by my friends and I for the story telling, the humor, and the naughtiness. Thank u for your courage.

Kimberly Palm from Frankfort, Ohio wrote on May 29, 2024
Mrs. Blume,
I’m a middle school teacher and past librarian. I can remember reading your books as a kid, and now reading them to my students as a teacher. I am in Key West this week and wondered if it would be possible to meet you at your store one day to get my picture with you and an autographed book signed by you. I would love to display it in my classroom. I am staying at the Westwinds on Eaton street. Please respond if we can make this happen. Thank you so much. Kim
Patti Selig from Berlin, Maryland wrote on May 23, 2024
We met at your book store in Key West several years ago and you were so gracious. Thank you .
This year my 20 year old granddaughter,Avalanche Selig wrote a book and published it in Amazon. She has already sold over 100, and was selected by the Colorado Montessori school as their book for the semester. She attends Crest Academy in Salida, Colorado. She was just thrilled to receive the Judy Blume award for young authors. I would love to purchase a signed copy if one of your young adult books for her 11th birthday. Is this possible? I understand you can't answer every email, but if you or your staff can direct me to the best way to get a signed copy.Thank you( Her bok in Amazon is called The Runaways)
Raymond from Los Angeles wrote on May 21, 2024
Dear Judy:
I have been listening to your books about Peter and fudge. I have been getting tired of listening to the same five books on audible. I think a lot of kids would agree with me about wanting a sixth entry in this series. I would really like it if you made one. Sincerely, Raymond, your biggest fan.
Madalyn Mincks from Seattle wrote on May 18, 2024
I am happily aware that you will be presenting - in person - at the Community Library in Ketchum, ID.

Since I live in Seattle, I'm wondering if you have any other presentations.
Brooke from Clarence wrote on May 17, 2024
I've known about your books since the summer of 2021. They helped me be patient with uh, what Margaret wanted to happen, and also are super fun to just reread and relate to! Censorship of books isn't right, especially since anyone's books can be helpful to others. I just found out you had a web page, due to a school project, I appreciate all the information so much because there's no doubt I'll get a 100! Keep slaying (teenage slang for like being amazing)
abby from natick wrote on May 14, 2024
Dear Judy,
I am doing a wax museum progect I need to know about you and the prodgect is due a week from tomorrow please answer my question.
-Abby age 10
Carole from Paris wrote on May 14, 2024
Dear Judy Blume,
I have been meaning to write to you since the first time I read the French translation for “Just as long as we’re together”, back in 1993, in the French Caribbean. (I’ve read it multiples times after that). I was 6 years old and my older sister had tried to get my mother to forbid me from reading the novel, saying I was too young for the content, because, she whispered, it talked about periods, which I knew almost nothing about, being a 6 year-old. Luckily, she lost the battle, my mother being against limiting access to written content.
I was a scrawny, frail kid with weird, niche interests and no ability in sports. School felt utterly boring because I already knew how to read and write. I didn’t have any close friends, and I was bullied both by my teacher and classmates.
When I secretly read the story of Stephanie and her friendships during class, with the book hidden under long-ago completed schoolwork, it allowed me to dream of a better future where I would be a teenage girl with some freedom and true friendships. Living in the world of your books both helped me understand the issues your characters were facing and hold the hope that there would one day be a life beyond my childhood feelings of lonliness and estrangement. That hope kept me going through everyday struggles.
In the following years, I would read every book from you that I found at the local bookstore. They were paper companions. Knowing that they were translations, I started wondering how these stories sounded in English, how you had written them. I made a pledge that I would study seriously to become proficient enough in English to read the original versions of your work. That the day would come when I would be able to write you a note thanking you for your novels and asking you advice on how to become a good writer, as it was my childhood dream.
This is the story of how I stayed at the top of my classes in English from middle school to university. It led me to discover great literature (Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, Oscar Wild, James Joyce among many others) and it allowed me to communicate with many people from different cultures around the world.
For years, I have felt too shy to write you a letter. Through the press I have learned how busy you were. I got to know more information about you and it looks like you are a great human being. I am glad I have the opportunity to tell you how much your work matters, how thankful I am that you wrote it and I found it on my older sister’s shelves 31 years ago.
This is it, as we say in French, “finalement, je me suis jetée à l’eau” Have a good day.
Greylyn from Charlotte wrote on May 11, 2024
Dear Judy Blum
Hi I’m Greylyn I’m eight years old I love your books the fudge books we just got done with are you there god it’s me Margaret and it’s not the end of the World Mach 2nd.If you could write a book about me please? I love to play tennis I’m really good too at tennis I won most of my matches!You have been inspiring me to write my own book in my note book in school!It’s called the World and me on the universes shoulder! I just love your books so much I cannot wait to read bubbler I read chapter one!I think about you in my tennis matches to get it all done when I think about you I win!You get me through school make me smarter every day!In are you there god it’s me Margaret I cannot believe her mom and dad got a divorce!My mom told me you got a divorce I just want to hug you to tell you it’s ok!I really want to meet you!I have a tennis match on every Sunday! I’m going to think about you to win!You are the person I’m going to look up to be a person to write book because of you!!!!!Thank you for reading this love you byeee!💕💕💕

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